El Born restaurants is a selection of my favorite places in this beautiful & cozy neighborhood  and  defiantly my favorite one, and a place that deserves a few visits during your time in Barcelona, I never get tired of El Born. It is between Via Laietana and Barceloneta, Born has grown into one of the most modern parts of the city,

      EL BORN is one of the most beautiful parts off Barcelona, with its charming restaurants, cozy shops off the old town, a place to get lost is between Via Laietana and BarcelonetaBorn has grown into one of the most modern parts of the city.

      During the day the coffes are packed and at night people go to Passeig de Born, also on Passeig de Born is said to be located the best pizza place in Barcelona; and by € 1.50 lot you can not complain!

      However, Born is not only nightlife; there are also a lot of culture to see. On the Street Montcada, in the ancient medieval street, the Picasso Museum and the Textile Museum, which in turn has a small cafe with terrace are located. Also in this neighborhood there is the most beautiful church , Santa Maria del Mar and maybe have the chance to witness a wedding!

      Today, it attracts people to visit the Born by the number of shops, including amazing boutiques and shoe stores, great for finding a dream piece. Some of the most modern stores such as Brazilian company Colcci , Adolfo Dominguez, Hugo Boss, La comercial, have chosen Born as their home.

        My recommendations are;



#Luis de Piados 2   A French corner at the charming Born, where lovers of good Wine & Cheese will be delight.Deco and furniture are just gorgeous, and their terrace in a sunny day a real pleasure. 



 #Paseo de Picasso 32   It is defiantly one of my top 5 restaurants in town. I highly recommend their lunch menu for only 16€ to try this amazing combination of Japanese and Brazilian cosine, do not leave without trying the cheesecake, this is absolutely mandatory. 



#Calle rec 31   If i feel like tapas at El Born, Bormuth is defiantly one of my options, i´ve been many times and it has never been dissapointed.Price is very reasonable and their tapas are really good, I love, cazuelitas, calamares a la andaluza, ensalada de tomate y atun….

 born barcelona- bornmuth -lovingbcnblog


#Fusina 7  I can say it is one of the most stunning restaurants in town, an absolutely gorgeous deco in different rooms and a cozy terrace make any meal at Bananas an experience to tel your friends when you go back home, The great chef, my dear friend Mikel is always innovating new dishes and take is cuisine to the highest level.



#Calle tarantantana 24     Another excellent choice for Tapas and truly local food, i´ve been going to Tantarantana for years and it has not change at all, it is a classic at El born for us.I love their berenjenas con miel, alitas de pollo, papas revueltas…. all to share with your friends and beloved if you want a real spanish experience.




#Calle montcada 24  This i quite a new place and it has become one of the most popular ones at El Born.Traditional tapas with the latest trend in spanish cuisine are the formula of success of this restaurant own by the famous chef Daniel Rueda.It is difficult to get a table , but you have a few nice places in the same street, so, at least try, you will be amazed.

born barcelona- tapeo -lovingbcnblog


#Calle  montcada 22     This place is also about tapas in a truly spanish style in a gorgeous environment which remember old spanish tavernas, mandatory to ask a lots dishes to share , specially , Parma ham croquettes, my favorites!

 born barcelona-la puntual -lovingbcnblog


#Calle comercial 7  If you love fish and seafood and you are in a budget, this place is right for you.It is also a fun way to order, as it is like a market where you choose what you want to eat and they make if for you, they have a few restaurants and they are always very busy, Deep fried fish,  Clams and Mussels are always on my table.



#Calle carders 12    I discovered this place by chance, as i passed by many times and never got my attention, I was wrong  as the place is spectacular and I am a regular now.A beautiful courtyard with sublime food where ordering several dishes is also the best way to enjoy your meal, as the most of the places in this area, look for it and try it, you will probably go back.  


 #Esparteria 9    It was recommended by my guest Stephanie.An old tavern that seems from another century and serves Catalan tapas between old stone walls and ancient jars. 


#Francesc cambo 16   An exquisite Mediterranean menu of meat, fish and fresh vegetables direct from the market. Their cold tapas at the bar are tremendous and their terrace is open all year long, but the place inside is just cozy and make you feel like you never want to leave, is another alive place with soul. Do not miss out the ceiling of the market, is a piece of art


born barcelona-santa caterina -lovingbcnblog



#Ronda de Sant Pere 42      My dear friend Carlota Run this gorgeous restaurant that will certainly exceed your expectations,as you will eat in a charming and cozy atmosphere surrender by ancien romans archs.They have a day menu with an amazing choices for only 15,95€ , my favorite…Ceviche, which one is yours? Read my post about Neu mediterrani here. 


#Flassaders 30    Vegetarian food and Homemade pastries and tea, in a cozy and welcoming antique shop with soul, If you look for Spanish eating cuture and history, have a look and try out this charming place. 


#Flassaders 21    Cozy, comfortable and fun place with 12 different eatiries.Impossible not to find something you like. Great selection of Iberian, and in general, a great quality of product, croquettes and other elaborations that complement this  unique place that make you feel like you are in Games of Thrones.

born barcelona- merrcat princesa -lovingbcnblog


#Montcada 25   This outstanding Art Exhibitions has a gorgeous terrace, nice for a coffee, snack… or whatever you feel like, but i really want you to feel the magic of being sitting in this stunning terrace surrender by the old days of Barcelona and spanish history.

SWEET Barcelona @ El Born

If you feel like a sweet…. Best places are…


#Caputxes 6  Just opposite Santa Maria del Mar, the most beautiful and delightful desserts are here… Bubo also have a fabulous tapas bar next door.



#Plaza de Plaza de Palau,   the best ice cream with unique flavours, chocolate with salt and live oil, pear with cinnamon and ginger…  



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