The best restaurants to eat at Eixample are  surrender by the best shops. I want to show you where to eat at Eixample district,   is the name given to the second district of the city, which occupies the central part of the city, It was designed by Ildefonso Cerdá in 1855.

     In the Eixample district it is where you can find some of the roads and most famous squares of Barcelona, ​​such as Passeig de Gràcia, Rambla de Catalunya, Plaza Catalunya, Diagonal Avenue, the street of Aragon, the Gran Vía les Corts Catalanes Balmes street, San Antonio round, Paseo de San Juan, Plaza de la Sagrada Familia, Gaudí’s square and at its ends, the square of the Catalan Glorias and Plaza Francesc Macia.

         Also in the Eixample are numerous tourist attractions and citizen as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, the National Theatre of Catalonia, the Barcelona Auditorium, Casa de les Punxes as well as numerous cinemas , theaters, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues.

      My personal choices and best places to eat at Eixample are the follows, I hope you visit and enjoy it as much as I do;



#Paseo de gracia 244   Without leaving the establishment, you have 4 culinary áreas and 4 specialised bars, Oysters, Meet, Seafood & Tapas. This Brand new place used to be a car parking, at their gorgeous bathroom there is a photo exhibition of  ” before and after”.Even if it is just to have a look, do not go to Paseo de Gracia without walk in at  Nacional, it is an impresive place and a MUST.


# muntaner 83  This is a place you can not go home without a visit.It is just outstanding and they have also live music, Jazz, chill, flamenco… check their web page to see the program. I do love to come to arte for an afternoon tea, but a whole meal is a wonderful experience. 


#Consejo de ciento 227  Another beautiful place, perfect for brunch or just a coffee with a piece of their amazing homemade cakes.They make you feel like you are at your living room.For me , the best Eggs Benedict in town  , I love an early evening Tea at Oma to catch up with friends, I hope you love it too!


#Viladomat 138   Another cozy place excellent for brunch and homemade cakes in a stunning vintage deco with the cutest furniture that you want to take it home  


#Aribau 23  #A perfect place to try different spanish dishes and tapas for a reasonable price, the only thing, you usually have to wait to get a table, as it is a very popular place,  in this case, try Casa jaime, 2 minutes from here. 


#Consejo de ciento 236  If you feel like some International option, In this case, Indian food, Surya has amazing dishes, Curry is their speciality and cocktails are amazing

 eat eixample-surya -lovingbcnblog


# Consejo de ciento 222   You will certainly enjoy its variety of tapas and spanish dishes for a reasonable Price in a cozy and charming environment, tuna, calamari and code are my favorites and the house wine is delicious.I always recommend to have dinner at Casa Jaime and an after drink at Axel sky Bar or Artte. 


#Rambla de Cataluña   I absolutely love the deco at Cachitos, and all-inclusive place, breakfast, lunch, tapas….  anything you want it will be a pleasure here.If you like sangría, they have 55 different ones and Price is very reasonable, so if you are walking around beautiful ramblas, have a break in Cachitos  


# Muntaner 6  If you are a wine lover, this is your place, enjoy one of their hundreds wines accompanied by simple, traditional dishes where the raw material is essential to make them absolutely delicious



#Valencia 215   If you want to enjoy 100% homemade food, made with love, try this lovely family restaurant, 100% authentic 100% delicious, and they have a lunch menu for only 10€.Opossite Bar san fermin there is ArmoniaRestaurant and Codigo 14.12, a beautiful shop own by my friend Jorge where you can will certainly find a nice gift to yourself.

eat eixample- bar san fermin -lovingbcnblog


#Valencia 240     #Even thought is a veggie & vegan restaurant, it is not only for vegetarians. An amazing menu with Greek dishes in a fabulous and cozy environment where their friendly staff make you love the place.100% organic 100% delicious 100% lovely


# Muntaner 102    Dinner & drinks at the same place, is one of the reason to visit this stunning place. Pico Fino Mercat de Tapes offers a gastronomic proposal based on quality products, local and seasonal at affordable prices. La Martinera is a high-class cocktail bar located next to this restaurant, where you can choose from a wide variety of homemade cocktails. All prepared by mixologist Miguel Angel Palau, with great care and dedication and using the best liquors. You will be surrounded by a casual and modern atmosphere thanks to its cozy interior. Do you need more reasons?

14.-NIKKEI 103 

#Aribau 33 Nikkeni cusine was born in Peru after the arrival of the first Japanese boat in Peru  in 1899. From the fusion of both culteres, amazing textures, smells and flavors have come to this day. You can enjoy Nikkeni in Barcelona, its new house is Hotel Axel and have a fantastic menu to satisfy your curiosity for only € 16.90, I assure you that you will love it .



It is right behind Plaza Universidad, I could say one of these streets where we all would love to live, from the beginning to the end at calle Paris, these are my choices;


# Enrique Granados 3     I love Como, is the perfect place for a  Chai latte & carrot cake , sublime.There is always a nice art exhibition on and a trendy place to be.


#Enrique Granados 28   If you are looking for a glamour and luxury place for lunch or dinner, at a very reasonable price, THis is the one.I do recommended a nice walk in Enrique Granados afterward, maybe a coffee or Tea in Brunch & Cake or just walk all the way up to DIagonal, whatever you do, I am sure you will love it.


# Enrique Granados 23     A gorgeous Asian restaurant with a spectacular Lunch menu for only   11.95€, next door to Flamant, so check then both out and pick up the one you like it the most

eat eixample- taverna miumiu -lovinbcnblog


#Enrique Granados 145     Any choice at this place would be a good one, another charming place with a beautiful Brunch menu, they have other shops around town and they are all amazing, their carrot cake, is a MUST

eat eixample- brunch & cake -lovinbcnblog



          Between Calle Balmes and Rambla de Cataluña, you will find a few great restaurants, e after another, they are very close to the shopping area Paseo de Gracia. A perfect place for a lunch break or a nice dinner after a long day shopping.

        To be honest they are all very similar, mediterranean and catalan cosine in a really tasteful place in the heart of Barcelona, just have a look all of then and pick up the one you like it the most!! it is all about choices…


#Consejo de ciento 323    If you fancy Asian food, this is a very succesful Brand with a few restaurants in town.


#Consejo de ciento 333    This place is amazing, your best bet is to tell the waiters what kinds of food you like and led then bring a bunch of stuff untill you are absolutely full.Tou can not go wrong with a pitcher of sangría and any of their dessert 


#Consejo de ciento 329    A different concept that combines a variety of individual skewers with other formats to share, and in which live the most traditional récipes with more avant-garde creations, always with top quality products.


#Consejo de ciento 335     The récipes of its food and its raw material are a constant tribute to the land tour of italian, Frenc and Catalan mediterranean coast reinterpreted by Nuncio Cona 

 eat eixample- 2254 -lovinbcnblog



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