Raval is a district of Barcelona, located in the district of Ciutat Vella,for many years was popularly known as Chinatown. I love Raval, i actually live here, my choices in Raval for eating, drinks…





# Jovellanos 2   The most beautiful and tasteful vegetarian Amazing vegetarian in town.Even if you think vegetarians are not for you, just go, you will be amaze for the variety of fabulous dishes on the menu.Try their  Cold-Pressed Juicing… believe me.

eat raval- teresa carles vegetarian -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- teresa carles -lovingbcnblog
eat raval-teresa carles -lovingbcnblog



# Tallers 74      Another amazing vegetarian place for all, first timer or pure vegetarians, the deco is absolutely flawless, and remember to try their Cold-Pressed Juicing.

eat raval- flax & cake -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- flax & cake -lovingbcnblog



#Plaza real 13  Right in the middle of beautiful Plaza Real , Ocaña offers a really nice variety of tapas menu to share and try a bit of everything, while you enjoy the pleasure of being at the terrace of this alive Barcelona square, at night there is a night club on the basement, check it out

eat raval- ocaña bcn -lovingbcnblog
eat raval-teresa carles -lovingbcnblog



#Pintor Fortuny 3     One of this places i love to go in the morning, sit at the terrace, have a coffee, breakfast or lunch, and amazing deco in a stunning location. 


#Plaza salvador segui 1    If you look for a place where trendy Barcelonian hang around, this is it. The food is really nice and there is always something going on at this trend raval spot.I particulary love their Papitas con salsa, and having a vermouth with some olives… is a must 

eat raval-la monroe raval -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- la monroe -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- la monroe raval -lovingbcnblog


#Marques de barcera 24     If you feel like having a brunch , or  just a coffee with a delicious piece of cake, Tropico is a great option at Raval area, and the venue is just the cutest, so do no miss it.

eat raval-tropico raval -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- healthy foo tropico -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- noddles tropico -lovingbcnblog


#Riera alta 4-6     This is defiantly a place to see, it is just gorgeous, as you walk in, it will take your breath away. I love brunch at marmelade or even just a nice cocktail with friends, but i would defiantly find sometime to visit this stunning place, you will so love it.


eat raval- marmalade -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- marmalade raval -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- marmalade-lovingbcnblog


#Ramblas 31     Despite it looks like a tourist site, for its location , you are so wrong and it is completely worthy to go to this spectacular place and enjoy its incredible cocktail menu or its delicious mediterranean tapas menu for a very reasonable

eat raval-ultramarinos-lovingbcnblog
eat raval-ultramarinos-lovingbcnblog
eat raval-ultramarinos-lovingbcnblog


#Carretas 11     Berta, Bibiana y Beatriz , own this unique place with soul, 100% Raval.Perfect for alternative crowd with taste for new trends and love for good cosine. It is one of this places I call “one of a kind”

eat raval- las fernandez -lovingbcnblog
eat raval- las fernandez -lovingbcnblog
eat raval-las fernandez raval -lovingbcnblog

Sweet Raval


 The cutest ice cream shop, next door to Liceo with an exquisite traditional dessert cart, by Jordi Roca.

#Ramblas 51

eat raval-chok sweet-lovingbcnblog


 A chocolate factory, you can not pass by its window without buying one of their amazing sweetsç

#Carme 3