El Barrio Gotico is perhaps the most charming and magical neighbourhood of the city. It  could be the epicenter of Barcelona, and is absolutely the place to lose yourself and fall in love with the city. It is located right between Raval and El Born, Ramblas and Via laetana could actually be the borders of Barrio Gotico

          One of the things I like most, It is to pass through the back of the cathedral, where  plazas like San Felipe Neri and Plaza del Rey transport you to the medieval past of the city.Do not miss the chance of to sitting in one of its beautiful plazas and listen to any of the street musicians who harmonize this cozy neighborhood.

          Although there are many places to enjoy our gastronomy, in this page I would like to highlight points for eating or drinking, as points that I believe are essential to visit at Barrio Gotico, and you can not leave without seeing them.

           I hope you enjoy them as much as I


#Ample 28  Even though it is not a place to eat, it is a place that I always take to my friends  when they come to Barcelona, ​​because of its place, and because it seems to me something endearing to see this ancient artisanal process of candy making, at  this cozy and charm Gothic corner , just the smell it takes you to your childhood, something it has to be experienced


#Millans 4   Fantastic corner of the Gothic, to have a good time tasting the most exquisite and original tapas. The best place to sit – if you go for two – is at the bar, and start with some appetizer suggestion from the bartender, a charm of a kind! Do not leave without trying the “pork cheek” and “cured salmon”. The kitchen is open to the living room and the dishes come to the table with a lovely presentation. The waiters are always friendly and attentive, they are highly qualified to recommend a good pairing. Enjoy it!


#Baixada de viladecols 2    Colourful little as this tea shop is a good place to drop it and get out of the sofa for a while. On the walls exhibit paintings by young artists and tables serve exotic teas from around the world, on a trip to Tibet could begin and end in Morocco. Guests can smoke nargile there, the popular Arab pipes. Are famous juices and smoothies.


#Sant Just de la Palma 7 ,  if you are looking for something authentic, with soul,you are just  in the right place, and  old charming winery, from 1935. At Bodega la Palma, as Judit, one of the owners, told me,  their cuisine is based on our gastronomic traditions. with only the best seasonal  products. Its lunch   12 € menu, It will make you return for an intimate dinner under a dim and welcoming light, to try out their full menu.
If you are an early bird, do not miss their breakfasts with homemade bread in wood oven and local cold meat.


#Bellafila 5  A warm and cozy place, perfect for a romantic evening meal. It offers cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean but without leaving out influences from other cultures.

“The kitchen is a very difficult Art, you need a vocation, a sense of continuous observation, long experience and patience …” as Josep Pla said


#Cometa 5  It is a lovely place, with an outstanding service and  excellent neat menu. All the products are ecologic and local as far as possible. When I go to Pla, I always think, the beautiful place as the friendly and attentive staff, as the food makes  visiting Cometa Pla a guarantee of satisfaction, and it is never disappointed.


 #Sant Sever, 5  This charm hotel is located at Plaza de San Felipe Neri, my Barrio Gotico favorite place, entering the square It is like immersing yourself in the past, it is simply the greatest pleasure. I´ve always loved this cozy and warmly hotel.In summer they have a terrace by the square, and the rest of the year you can enjoy, for example, a beautiful lunch menu for around € 25, whatever you do, just go, at least to me middle of the square, take a deep breath… and look around… It is priceless.


#Plaza de Medinacelli 4  Recently inaugurated, in one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona, Soho House is probably the most beautiful hotel in town.You can visit its famous Italian restaurant Cecconi’s Barcelona , and why not, a cocktail in its beautiful Square Bar. On Sundays, they have a outstandng brunch that will leave the  sweetest memory of your days in Barcelona.

Sweet Gotico


#Baixada de Viladecols 2c  If you are, as I am, an ice cream lover, you have to pass by Swiit.The flavors are out of this world, and the best, They only use 100% natural organic ingredients without preservatives or additives. The owners a kindness and lovely friendly, this, next to the ice cream flavour, it will leave you an unforgettable wonderful mouthfeel.