Wellcome by Vermut Solidario for ACCEM

Wellcome by Vermut Solidario for ACCEM

           VERMUT SOLIDARIO is a series of events that blend moments of leisure and solidarity , with an avant-garde , multicultural and creative scene.It is absolutely the best plan for this sunday, i went to vermut solidario a few months ago and we had a blast, just LOOOOVE IT!!!

           This Sunday 15th May there is special event,VERMUT SOLIDARIO @ Estrella Damn Old Factory, calle Rosello 515, you DO NOT WANNA MISS IT!!


 Music, food, nice people and a beautiful venue, you can explore the whole place, no worries, plenty of time, but be sure you have seen the whole venue, as there is a terrace, basement… and a few hidden secret places…

   I would get there around 12;30-13;00, buy your tickets (5€-10€) on line www.atrapalo.com, and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

To get there;
Take the tube; L2 or L5 , get of in Sagrada Familia, take a few pics… look for Av gaudi ( really nice one, by the way) till you get to Calle Rosello, on your right… just keep walking till number 515… you will recognise…

Many thanks to Daniel Arbós from www.danielarbos.com, for letting me share his post.

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