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My Top 10

My top 10 places to visit in Barcelona on a city break are the follows. look for then!!!

1.-W Hotel

 At the end of Barceloneta beach, by W HOTEL, a drink on the terrace by the sand under the palm trees, IT`S A MUST, if you want to eat, Pez Vela will be an outstanding choice.

 top 10 barcelona- w hotel -lovingbcnblog


           The largest Modernist Campus in Europe is one of the most important works of architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Sant Pau visit is to enter the fullness of modernism and history of one of the oldest hospitals in Europe.
Many tourists, miss this amazing space of modern Catalan architecture and it will defiantly TAKE YOUR BREATHE AWAY

top 10 barcelona- sant pau -lovingbcnblog

*How to get there; C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167 Metro: L5 Sant Pau / Dos de Maig


located at the top of Rovira in the Carmel barrio is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with your friends or your couple, If you are an early bird, sunrise is spectacular.

Barcelona best to do- bunker del carmelo -lovingbcnblog

*The closest metro stop is Alfons X (L4, yellow) and from then on you can either walk or take a bus for two stops.


at el Born, it goes from calle princesa to paseo del Born, make a stop for a drink and nice tapas at La Bascula or Mercat Princesa, you will find gorgeous designer shops, and many more, you´ll love it!

top 10 barcelona- la bascula -lovinbcnblog


PLAZA DEL PI @ Barrio Gótico, find your way there, using your map, take a sit in one of the terraces and find your way out…. time to explore by yourself! and PLAZA DEL REY @ Barrio Gótico , look for it, easy to find and many beautiful ways to get there, just taking the right side of the cathedral, if you are lucky you will find a street opera singer, they are usually there, and keep walking till you find it, on the way, you should find La Basilica, the most beautiful contemporary jewel shop in Barcelona. And last but no less, his is probably my N1 and not easy to find, give ir a go… behind the cathedral, look for Plaza de Garriga y Bachs, take a small street named Montjuic del Bisbe and you will get to a magic small square that not many people know,  PLAZA DE SAN FELIPE NERI, but when the get there, they just love it, the unique Hotel Neri will be an easy tip to get there, in summer time they have a terrace, have a coffee, and enjoy the silence..


wonderful work in Plaza Isidre Nonell, in Ciutat Vella, by the photographer Joan Fontcuberta.It is a photo mosaic that captures an image of a giant kiss consists of 4,000 small photographs, printed on tiles. Fontcuberta has joined the images according to their density and colour, so that, seen from afar, from the image of a huge kiss.The photographs come from Fontcuberta made a call to readers of the newspaper, who asked to translate into images the question “What does it mean for you to live free?”. The image Kissed meant to symbolise a call to freedom, affection or empathy..-


 It is one of those unexpected lovely streets, It reminds me a little of Notting Hill, and through it is like travelling to the past.It is located in the block formed by the Consell de Cent, Roger de Llúria, Diputacion and Pau Claris streets. It was planned in 1864 and it has barely changed since its construction, have a look, sure you will love it


 It´s different street market where you can discover the new Barcelona, to get there just take the red line and get off in Glorias, lots things to explore here.

top 10 barcelona-los encants -lovinbcnblog


Just behind Plaza Universidad, it is a very typical Eixample street, with many amazing places to eat, have a drink… you need to look up all the time to see the beauty of those buildings, if you want to have a coffee or eat something, I do recommend, Cafe Cosmo, Flamant, Taverna Miu and Brunch & Cake

top 10 barcelona-enrique granados -lovinbcnblog


It is the last of my top 10 places to visit in Barcelona,  if you are a fan of nature, you can spend a whole day here Spectacular views, museums, gardens, Uniques restaurants … make this magic mountain one place you must visit.

top 10 barcelona- pueblo español -lovingbcnblog

*To know more about Monjuic, click here.

My Tips

        These are my Barcelona tips and tricks to make you easier your holidays;

1.-From the airport, before taking the tube, check your destination point, as for many places by the city centre, the AEROBUS is much easier and quicker.

2.-For the bus and tube buy a card called T 10, 10 trips, it is about 10€ and you can share it.

3.-Monday to Fridays you will find a lunch menu for 10-15€ in many places, some of then have also a night menu for 15-20€

4.-If you go to Parc Guell, do not buy the tickets till you get there, many people think is not worthy to pay to get inside, you basically see everything from the outside, I do think is a waste, but, it is always your choice, also for a short trips, 2.3 days, it will take you too long to get there and back

5.-Do not leave without eating Pan con tomate (bread with tomato)….

6.-Do not drink water from the tap! you are not gonna died, but.. better be safe 😉

7.-DO NOT BUY A MEXICAN HAT in Ramblas…… this is Spain, no Mexico

8.-Be careful with pickpockets.… this is a shame, but true, especially in Ramblas and the tube

9.-Renting a bike is an excellent choice, as the city as many bikeways all over town, but please make an effort and do the real bike, no those electric ones…GO GO !

10.-To make the BEST OF YOUR TRIP and go to the most amazing places in town, FOLLOW ME!


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