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      When I am travelling, I love short excursions from my destination city, Day trips from Barcelona, are a series of posts about shorts excursions you can do from Barcelona and which are worth to take.

         If you are in Barcelona more than 4-5 days ,  a day trip from Barcelona is a great option, to know some places near the city that will surely give you a different perspective of our culture, history, nature …

         There are several options, I have chosen based on interest in the place, proximity, easy access to reach the destination point, and above all, sites that I have visited and I loved it, which is the purpose of this blog, to take you to places  I usually go and somehow, takes my breath way.


         Girona is a beautiful medieval city,perfect for a day trip from Barcelona,  just about an hour away by train, the most comfortable and easy way to get there. Despite the many guides that you will find, when I went to Gerona for the first time,  simply walk aimlessly to discover a city that falls in love at every step, however I will give you some tips to find your way.

         They call it the “City of the Four Rivers”, it has a historical quarter dominated by medieval constructions and Roman, Arabic and Hebrew reminiscences .. In any of its charming restaurants, taverns and restaurants, you will have the opportunity to approach regional gastronomy, which combines sea and mountain products in their recipes.

          Here you got some spots you should not missed, but as I say at the beginning , get lost and let the city surprise you!

1.The Cathedral. There is  an immense Gothic nave, the widest of medieval European architecture. In its interior is conserved one of the textile jewels of the Catalan Romanesque, the Tapiz de la Creación.

2.-Benedictine Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Nicolau Church These are Romanesque temples whose apses and octagonal domes deserve a close observation.

3.-Convent of Sant Doménech, surrounded by stunning gardens.

4.- The Call, one of the best conserved juderías in Spain. Força street is the central axis of this neighborhood that counted on synagogue and centers of cabalístico study. Oli & Vi square,  keep all the charm of the past, and in them, they open some of the best jewels of medieval palatial architecture, like the Fontana D’Ors.

5.-Arab baths, where we have to highlight a temple raised on eight thin columns and crowned by an octagonal dome.

6.- Sant Feliu bell tower

7.-The Stone bridge over the Onyar river, from where you will get views of the  city.Across the river we find the most beautiful examples of Catalan modernism signed by Rafael Masó. Outstanding buildings are the Fábrica Teixidor and the Casa de la Punxa, among others. The Hospital of Santa Caterina, built-in the baroque style of the XVII century, is also installed in this area.

8.– Devesa Park ; Exotic forest mass composed mainly of banana trees, which contrasts strongly with the medieval architecture of the city.

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What to eat  @ Gerona

     The combination of products from the coast and the interior creates recipes such as snails stew, grilled vegetables with romesco sauce (with almonds and “chorizo pepper”) or rice with fish, as starters. Between the seconds, we can choose between grilled fish, chicken with lobster or rabbit with chocolate. Catalan cream (custard with caramelized sugar on top ) or apple strudel may be some of the deserts chosen. All this conveniently accompanied by the white, red and pink of the Denomination of Origin of Ampurdán-Costa Brava.

      Acording with trip advisor, here is a list of 10 best restaurants in Girona.

     How to get to Gerona

    The best and most comfortable option for me is the train, they leave from the Sants Station in Barcelona quite often. It takes between 40 min to an hour and prices goes from about 30€ return tickets, all depending on train, hours… You can consult the timetables and the price of the ticket in Renfe website

“It is an absolutely wonderful option for a day trip from Barcelona, if you are looking for magnificent sightseeing and dig into our history and gastronomy in the easiest and most pleasant way possible, so I hope you love this enchanted city as much as I do.”


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