Palo Alto Market; 7-8 May

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Palo Alto Market, the coolest street market in Barcelona, takes place the first Sunday every month and is defiantly the place to be.

If you are one of the lucky ones who stays this weekend en nuestra bella Barcelona, i strongly recommend to visit Palo Alto Market, i was there only once but it was a really nice thing to do, specially on those nasty  and boring sunday evenings…. so get ready for it!

     Such a charming place, and the overall design outstanding, it´s kind off like get into a fairy tale, but with jazz and vino blanco!

         It is just such a  pleasure to be there just up & down, with no direction, passing by the same shop like 4 times, but there are so pretty so you  just don’t care ??The atmosphere is really special all over the place.

     It can be a bit painful to get there but absolutely worth it, believe me.Take the yellow line, get off in Selva the mar…. And let your iPhone and google map to do the rest… It is not that far actually…

     When i went there it was day light but we left when it was dark, so, this is what you should do, the whole market change completely and it looks like you are in another place! they have this beautiful lighting all over the trees that gives a magical touch to the whole place, and all this for just 3 sad euros! ??

      It is just about walking , stopping here, there, having a drink in little corner, a glass of wine under the trees..and.all the sudden we were listening to an stunning voice, so we run towards her, OMG!! that was our best moment whatsoever of  that day, listen that amazing voice in such a nice scenery.

      You may be even lucky and find something to treat yourself,in fact they  sell really nice stuff,lots design cloth, jewelry , everything hand made and environmental awareness, nothing like those dodgy  & nasty street markets, which i particularly love it, but #palo alto market is just another level.

      Anyway, got you a really nice plan for the weekend, so enjoy y que compres muchas cosas bonitas!

     Enjoy it, live it & love it

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