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          Barcelona Cocktails Bars is a blog post  from travelandtrouvailles, she recommends some places to have a drink, and together with the ones I have on my Blog, you will have enough choices to have a great night out!!

by  travelandtrouvailles

Le Journal, Francisco Giner 36, Raval

Rabipelao, Riera alta 50, Raval

The Lime House, Carders 31, El born

Paradiso, Rera Palau 4, El Born

La Dama, Diagonal 423, Eixample, corner with Calle Enrique Granados

Servicio Continuo, Diagonal 353, Eixample, corner Calle Bruc

El Nacional, Paseo de Gracia 24bis

L’Elephanta, Torrent de Vidalet 37, Gracia

Milano, Ronda Universidad 35, Near Plaza Cataluña


by LovingbcnBlog

CDLC & Shoko by Olimpic port
Betty Ford, Café librería, Beirut 37. Casa almiral, Olimpic bar, Bar invisible, 33-45, Tahiti, at Calle Joaquin Costa, RavalLa Martinera Muntaner 102, EixampleSky Bar at Axel Hotel; Aribau 3, Eixample 


Where to drink: Barcelona by travelandtrouvailles

Hope everyone celebrating enjoyed their Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations and ate and drank a sufficient amount. I had a lovely Christmas here in France but am starting to get very excited to go back to England for the first time in 6 months tomorrow! This post is an addition to the Barcelona series: we’ve done brunch and now it’s time for bars. The bar scene in Barcelona is amazing and there is really something for everyone. If you’re ever in Barcelona, be sure to give at least one of these a try!


Best Sunday Brunch

  The best Sunday brunch in Barcelona is defiantly @ W Hotel, even though their #thisisnotasundaybruch, which i love it, but no matter how they call ir, it is definitely the best plan for a fabulous Sunday.


Retox Sundays are weekly parties that combine  a creative and relaxed culinary proposal with electronic music.


10 reasons to be @ Retox Sundays @ W

1.- W Hotel 

Retox it takes place at WAVE restaurant and the W Lounge If you don’t know this stunning hotel, is just a reason to be there, its magnificent salons, pool area… are nothing like you have seen in Barcelona, believe me.

2.-To avoid sunday nightmare hangover,  from a nasty long saturday night.

Plan ahead your retox sunday, have an early night and enjoy a fabulous sunday at this remarkable venue, with your beloved and forget this boring Sundays in front of the TV, this is a real and glamour plan!

3.-View from pool area

I particularly love the views from W, you can see the whole bcn beach from a perfect distance. Every hour has a magical light at W, wait till you see The 2 towers ahead turning gold… it is breathtaking best sunday brunch- w pool -lovinbcnblog


The amazing buffet opens at 14h and closes at 17h.The variety and presentation of food is just something it has be experience, small tastefully portions of healthy bites hot & colds in the most amazing colourful set up you have ever seen. nutritious and healthy items, such as avocado on toast, Ceviche, guacamole  and acai bowls 

5.-W staff

Since you walking @ W you get a remarkable treat from all W staff, hostess, bar staff, PR… making you feel like a real VIP GUEST.


No much to say here, it is about drinking it, i do recommend Strawberry Mojito though

best sunday brunch- retox-lovinbcnblog


7.-Dj on the house

 There is a fabulous DJ all day long and as the day goes by, plays for the party crowd till 23;00 best sunday brunch-w hotel -lovinbcnblog


I don´t know about you, but i do love sweets and the first thing that catch my attention was an  unbelievable  dessert & sweets table by the dj area with the richest and cutest sweets i’ve ever seen, i wanted to eat then all… which it was impossible, of course, but as there are the cutest small portions,I managed to  try out lots of then 


There were really nice people all over the place, everyone was really enjoying the event and I strongly recommend to go  smart casual with a great look, as you will be taken lots photos, the venue just invited you to do so!

best sunday brunch- retox -lovinbcnblog



10.-#this is not a sunday brunch

And as last but not less reason, here comes our Social Media Life. We all love our social media, and this is the perfect place to take amazing selfies, photos… and putting on your social to get lots likes and make your friends kindly jealous…



W Living Room, and enjoy a variety of healthy bites, fresh juices and guilty pleasures.

         From: 2pm – 4pm   Price: 35€* per person   SIGN UP >

After-Brunch Party (no food included)

         From: 4pm – 8pm    Price: Complimentary Access GET ON THE LIST >  RESERVE A VIP TABLE >

The best lunch with friends @ Nou Mediterrani

best lunch barcelona- neu mediterrani -lovinbcnblog

           We had one of the best lunch in Barcelona a few days ago.I finally went to see the new “Nou Mediterrani”, where we had an amazing lunch at this a stunning restaurant in between El Born and Eixample, co-owned and managed by my dear friend Carlota, who came back from London to take care of this new challenge, bringing to New Mediterrani all her passion and knowledge of all those years in the hospitality industry in London. I have to say indeed, my visit exceeded my expectations.

          Just as I walked in a brand new chill out area, by the entrance, with a giant blackboard did make a difference with the one I visited months ago, just when she started this new project. Her kind hostess Alex, led us to our table, what was my surprise when we saw that main floor, was not open, so he took downstairs, where a beautiful huge salon with Roman arches, soft lighting and subtle background music, was actually where the lunch was served, “Carlota I said to myself, well done girl, you’ve managed to make huge a difference, and we haven´t even started”.

          It was supposed to be just a casual lunch with friends, but it turned into a spectacular meal in a wonderful unexpected location and a lovely, friendly and warm atmosphere, which we could not but loved it. 


          We decided to go for the special menu they offer Monday to Fridays at lunch time. Just as we sat, our lovely Carlota showed up with an amazing plate of croquets, crispy on the outside and a bit runny inside, just the way I like it, I hardly saw then actually, as they disappeared in about seconds!!

As a starter, after a long uncertainty I had “Red Tuna Ceviche with Vegetable Crisp”, a dish that I do not always dare to ask, as it is not easy to find a good one, especially when you’ve eaten my friend Esther Espejo Ceviche, but it was a jackpot, it had just a perfect citric touch and that texture of marinated tuna, that you do not want to ever ends.

Anyway, it was time for a main course and after much hesitation, and in tribute to my home, came some delicious “Deep Fried Baby Squid with Citric Hollandaise Sauce” I am a southern boy, and it was like to be back home, terrific!!

I am also sweet (in all ways), so I treated myself with a tremendous dessert” Homemade Eco Chocolate Brownie with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream”, at this point had already fallen surrendered into the arms of Carlota, you did it girl!!


               The most astonishing was actually the bill, when we realized that stunning menu was only € 15.95, it was unreal. The truth, to sum up, you get the impression for the place you are, the excellent service from the waiters, hostesses, product quality you eat … you will pay a minimum of € 40-50€ per person, and you end up paying less than half, and we love that don´t we?

 After the meal, and in a sort of avoid a deserve Spanish siesta, I looked for Carlota and we have a little intimate chat;

In between us

What did it make you come back from London my darling?
After 7 years in London I was ready for new challenges. I was offer the job as a General Manager in Nou Mediterrani and after visiting the place I did not think it twice, it’s a lovely venue in central Bcn with lots of potential. Now working alongside one of the best head chefs I know, we believe Neu Mediterrani will become a point of reference in the Barcelona gastronomy,

Now out of the blue and looking into my eyes, tell me, with no limits, who would you invited to Nou mediterrani for;
Breakfast, Jamie Oliver, I love his gastronomic philosophy
Lunch, my grandma, one of the most important woman in my life, from her I learnt since how to be a wonderful person to cook the most traditional Catalan dishes.
Dinner, my friends & family, who better than them to create memories enjoying good food & good wine.
Cocktails with no doubt Harry Craddock

In a few words convince me to come to Neu mediterrani?
Make memories in your life around good food & wine in a beautiful place.

From your menu, create your perfect lunch;
Starter; Black rice with white truffles, tarragon & Catalan mushrooms
Main course; cured beef tagliata
Dessert; yogurt bread with red berries & violet ice cream
Drink; a glass of Trenzado, a biological white wine from Canary Island.

What do you dream off Carlota?
good question! but is simple, my dream is just what I have in my life right now, I’m a strong & hard work woman, and I have everything I could wish for. I have a wonderful family & friends, a job that I love & health, everything else is welcome of course!

        I had to love her, isn´t she adorable?  New mediterrani also open in the evenings, so it will be interesting to try one of their dinners, in addition to different events like private parties, business meals that Carlota Run with success, innovating and surprising with her fantastic proposals.

          After my visit I know Carlota will fulfill her dream, since she is putting her soul and heart in it, and her smile and passion while attending to her clientage is the reflection of what she is living, making her dream come true.

           Congratulations princess and thank you very much for everything, we will be back asap


Love & Hugs

Mario from loving

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