Going out for a drink

Going out for a drink

     Going out in Barcelona is very easy, as the city is full of day and night life with many options for all ages and crowds.There are diferent areas to go, i am mentioning above a few of then.


The area underneath Hotel Arts is full of nice places to have a drinks, CDLC, Shoko, Makamaka



CALLEN JOAQUIN COSTA; Many choices for you in this area… just pick up one, or two!

Betty Ford, Café librería, Casa almiral, Beirut, Olimpic bar, Bar invisible, 33-45, Tahiti

 MACBA; around Macba museum there are plenty of nice terraces all year long



LA MARTINERA Muntaner 102

         Its extensive line of signature cocktails offer experiences ranging from the most classic cocktails to the most innovative ones. Experiences like vodka infused with beets, gin with lemon thyme, natural ginger syrups, lavender, cinnamon, elaborate jams, vodka jelly with Strawberry … all accompanied by snacks according to each recipe. The star cocktail is the Martini “La Martinera”, treated with Sicilian volcanic stone macerated in dry vermouth, presented in chilled martini glass and accompanied by olive macerated in dry vermouth.



At night, the SkyBar becomes the ideal place to enjoy the summer atmosphere of Barcelona and the most inspiring cocktails in the new chill lounge & bar area where you will find the most cool and fun people in Barcelona.