La Diagonal, a beautiful walk on the most elegant Barcelona Avenue.It  is the main artery of Barcelona, which divides the city into two areas, clearly differences, above, where are the areas of more wealthy people, luxury houses in Av. Pearson,  Bonanova, although it is also  above, the singular neighborhood of Gracia. Below  Diagonal it is Eixample, and Ciutat vella, the part of the city that we know best.

     It cross the city diagonally. Its length is approximately 11 kilometers, being one of the most important entrance and exit ways of the city in the direction of Tarragona.

     Diagonal, is one of the most important commercial axes of the city. A walk along the diagonal is perhaps something that not many propose, but it seems to me a fantastic walk to soak up the Barcelona architecture and its most distinguished shops, restaurants ..

     For those who like to walk, it is a pleasant walk since the Diagonal has wide sidewalks. It is just over 3 km away and approximately  45 – 60 minutes walking distance.

     My proposal would be to start in Francesc Macia, an elegant roundabout, and walk until Paseo Sant Joan. I will describe the points that I find interesting, although it is better to simply walk, keep the view open and explore for oneself. It also has a bike lane, practically all its route, therefore it is another great option to do this walk.


       Walking around La Diagonal

      From  Francesc Macià, taking here Av. Pau casals , we  find

  • Turó Parc a small park, but suitable for a walk or rest of the asphalt. Around the Turó Parc, you will find luxury shops, jewelry, furniture or clothes. The area of the Turo Parc is considered “high standing” area of Barcelona by many.

Once you past Francesc Macia, you will find 

  • Calle Muntaner, and there, one of my favorite places called Velodromo, perfect for a coffee break or a pick me up.
  • Calle Enrique Granados, which I´ve mentioned several times in my blog, it is a wonder, a boulevard, full of restaurants and leisure areas that ends inPlaza Universidad, although this is another walk, or a way to improvise this, here it is your choice.Just before you get to Paseo  de Gracia you have to one side
  • Palau Robert, which it  is an exhibition center with  beautiful gardens,  and the other side, the entrance to El Barrio de Gracia, a beautiful and typical neighborhood worth a visit. You have the option of walk down Paseo de Gracia or continue walking until Paseo de San Juan, I recommend this option and visit Paseo de Gracia any other time.
  • diagonal-palau robert -lovinbcnblog
    Palau Robert

Once you past Paseo de Gracia,  you have the most unique buildings that are worth stopping, all belong to modernism and are from the beginning of 1900, on the left you will find

  • Casa Comalat, modernist building of the architect Salvador Valeri i Pupurull, similar to the Casa Batllo of Gaudi, do not miss the back of the building, in calle corcega 316 which is even more attractive than the previous one. In front of Colomat house we find


diagonal-casa comalat -lovinbcnblog
Casa Comalat
  • Palacio de  Baron de Quadras, modernist house of the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, now home of Casa Asia in Barcelona
  • If you want to eat, walk down calle Pau Claris  and enter the Concept Store, a multi space where the interior designer Jaime Beriestain shows restored vintage furniture, natural flowers, candles, international books, fragrances, carpets, gourmet products and others that he creates . The space has an area of 500 m2 and houses, in addition to the shop and cafe-restaurant an area dedicated to flowers.

We continue our walk to find in the left side

  • Casa de les Punxes or Casa Terradas, by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, a house that a wealthy businessman, Bartomeu Terradas i Mont, commissioned the architect for one of his sisters. Reminds of the medieval castles, one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona, which has recently opened its doors to the public and is worth visiting inside

Keeping our walk we will get to 

  • Calle Bruc , if you like the mussels, go down this street until calle Mallorca s where you will find La Muscleria. Going back to Diagonal we will reach the end of our Diagonal walk
  •  Paseo San Juan, a lovely street on large sidewalks. When you enter Paseo Sant Juan, I recommend a stop at ChichaLimona, an eclectic place where the soul, is the food, with a menu for all tastes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tapas, wines and even a chef of pizzas.

     At the end of Paseo San Juan,  It is the magnificent Arco del triunfo, great spots to take pictures,  and from here you can explore the amazing El Born.

       I hope you enjoy and above,  all improvise this visit to Diagonal