Casa Jaime, a great place to eat in Barcelona

Casa Jaime, a great place to eat in Barcelona

Casa Jaime is a great place to eat in Barcelona, I could say is a MUST if you are in town for a few days.

“Established in 1953, this historical restaurant in Barcelona is a city’s reference in terms of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. Redesigned in 2014, we have updated its atmosphere and gastronomy, achieving a delicate equilibrium between its past and nowaday’s taste”

Casa Jaime is one of those places that,   somehow, they called your attention. Years ago, before its remodeling, passing by its door always gave me the feeling of  one of those family restaurants with soul and roots, a restaurant of those relatives, in fact  I had dinner several times , and it was a Galician restaurant, of prestige, since it dates from 1953.



A couple of years ago, suddenly one day I saw that something had changed, although I was not clear to me what it was, the appearance from the outside was the same,  but something had changed, so when my curiosity could not wait any longer I decided to stop and have a look. It was a surprise to know that despite having changed owner, the essence of Casa Jaime still followed, although brought a bit to the present, with a more modern touch, but keeping their essence and  with a menu where traditional and Catalan cuisine were present, attending above all to the quality of the product without forgetting the basics of our gastronomy.

Since then, Casa Jaime has been one of my places of reference;

-When I’m in Eixample and I’m not clear where to eat, it’s a safe bet, Monday to Friday the have an amazing 10€ menu

-When my guests ask me for a special place to eat, everyone returns enchanted by the charm of the place, its careful menu, the taste of its dishes and of course, the friendliness and professionalism of its staff

– When  I have friends visiting and I want to take them to a place where they can feel special and welcoming.

-If I am around the are in the morning, I take the opportunity to go for one of their fantastic breakfasts that my friend Jose de Ritual Moda , nicely recommended a while ago.



Whenever I write about a place, I like to do a little questionnaire with their owners to know a little beyond what we see, this was my talk with Ramon, one of their owners

1.-Since when you are in front of Casa Jaime and what was the main reason that made you embark on this adventure?
We took the reins of CASA JAIME in July 2014. We were regular customers of the old restaurant and we knew very badly that it would close. It was a benchmark in Barcelona. My partner thought that with a facelift and an update of the menu, we could recover its essence of the restaurant of a lifetime and at the same time make it a very attractive place for young people.

2.-What kind people comes to Casa Jaime?

Breakfast; Many friends come to breakfast at CASA JAIME, is one of the few places where there is atmosphere also in the morning. And we have the best coffee and cakes!

Lunch; As before, is still the preferred place for families to meet, especially on weekends, to celebrate birthdays, etc. Weekdays, to our surprise, we saw how from the first month it became a place of business meals for many offices and offices in the area. We are very discreet, but we know that in the reserved have closed great agreements 🙂

A glass of wine: many young people come simply to have a drink or beer, to talk to the waiters … and to call! There are customers who have become friends, and something more, thanks to the cosy atmosphere.

Dinner; CASA JAIME is the place to have dinner during the week for the neighbours. But as the kitchen is continuous, there are also tourists as from 5-6pm. And on weekends, it’s THE PLACE for dinner and the first drink, before going out to party. There is a perfect mix of neighbours, tourists, straight people, gays, … as it does not happen almost anywhere else. Often they also reserve the room area for private parties.

3. What is the main reason why we should come to  Casa Jaime?

Many new clients come the first time by recommendation or by the good critics in social networks, then they see that it is also an ideal place to socialize and meet people, as it was done in formerly missing civic centers. Apart, some Tuesdays in the bar area we have live music of jazz, rumba, flamenco, bossa nova, … We announced it 2-3 days before on our Facebook.

4.- Choose from the whole menu, your perfect meal
Varied menu, several dishes to share … For groups and tourists, the best, the tapas. You try everything and you get a very good idea of what kind of food we make. In the menu, we have the dishes of traditional Catalan and Spanish food that they like, some with a more modern or exotic touch. I also emphasise the daily menu of noon, from Monday to Sunday, with the best value for money in the area!

5.-And finally, what is your dream?

Our dream has already been fulfilled. We wanted a place where to be at ease and get customers happy (many or few, we did not know), and not only do we have many happy customers from the first year, but many customers have become friends. In addition, we have managed to have such a good atmosphere in the kitchen and with all the waiters that I think that is also transmitted to the customers. Even the founder, Mr. Jaime (91 years), is every evening with us playing the domino with his friends. What else could I ask for?



Many thanks Ramon, I had no doubt that Casa Jaime was one of those places with soul, to which one always wants to return, and your answers are a clear proof that behind a great restaurant are always the passion and love for good cuisine and human relationship based on friendliness and excellence in customer care. Only the satisfaction of seen  the happiness of MR Jaime, his founder, knowing that his restaurant is in the best hands, it´s a proof of your great success.


Thank you very much to make my meals a beautiful experience and I will see you all soon!!






Casa Jaime

Consell de Cent 222
08011 Barcelona

Tel. 931 893 222

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