Barcelona Best Tapas

            To find the best tapas in Barcelona is our mission today.My dearest followers and future ones, today I am finally writing about TAPAS!

          The first thing you ask when you get to Spain is where to eat tapas and sangría, usually an over price drink by the way, more than 15€/liter I think is a rip off, so here is the easiest and better way to try this big Spanish icon “LA TAPA”.

          Just to go to “el paralelo” (green line), by Poble sec area, and look for “calle Blai” ,very easy to find. There are many bars who offers tapas here, particularly and mainly, a tapa named; PINCHO (originally from the Vasc Country), which is absolutely amazing in creativity, fusion, taste…

        Thursdays is the most popular day for the special deals they offer, like tapas for 1€, but any day is good. Starting from the beginning to the end of the street just walk in in the ones you fancy, there are no rules, having a beer and a Tapa in each one, is the only one, usually went you get to the last bar, you can be a bit trash…. which it make it even a more interesting live experience of this ancients Spanish tradition, SO IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!. I,ve done it soooooo many times, and every time is a whole new experience, so I know what I am talking about , it is quite a local thing to do, and you turist just loooove local stuff, dn´t you?

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     Barcelona Best Tapas Bars @ Calle Blai

If I have to do a list with my best ones , as a tapas expert, you could follow it, in order from the beginning of calle blai till the end… but feel free to explore then and make your own list.


Bodega Salto

          Good luck!

          and if you find the one you love, share it with us!

             *Another great area for Tapas will be El born, specially Calle Moncada y Flassagers, Tapeo, Bornmuth, Bodega la puntual, La bona Sort & Tantarantana

                                                                                                    ENJOY,  EAT & DRINK IT…

Barcelona cafés with free WiFi

best new restaurants bcn-petitbo-lovingbcnblog

For those days when you’ve got more than your share of work or studying to do but don’t want to spend the day stuffed up at home, you need a café with a good atmosphere and free (and easily accessible) WiFi. But since the perfect café can be surprisingly hard to find, we’ve done some legwork for you. We’ve selected some great places in Barcelona where you can grab a coffee and a pastry, plug in, and get to work. is a list from the magazine Time out of the best coffee shops in Barcelona with free wifi.


1.-Chicha limona

2.-Granja Petit Bo

3.-Onna Coffe


5.-Al sur café

6.-Federal cafe

7.-Nabucco Tiramisu


Full post here; Barcelona cafés with free WiFi

Casa Jaime, a great place to eat in Barcelona

Casa Jaime is a great place to eat in Barcelona, I could say is a MUST if you are in town for a few days.

“Established in 1953, this historical restaurant in Barcelona is a city’s reference in terms of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. Redesigned in 2014, we have updated its atmosphere and gastronomy, achieving a delicate equilibrium between its past and nowaday’s taste”

Casa Jaime is one of those places that,   somehow, they called your attention. Years ago, before its remodeling, passing by its door always gave me the feeling of  one of those family restaurants with soul and roots, a restaurant of those relatives, in fact  I had dinner several times , and it was a Galician restaurant, of prestige, since it dates from 1953.



A couple of years ago, suddenly one day I saw that something had changed, although I was not clear to me what it was, the appearance from the outside was the same,  but something had changed, so when my curiosity could not wait any longer I decided to stop and have a look. It was a surprise to know that despite having changed owner, the essence of Casa Jaime still followed, although brought a bit to the present, with a more modern touch, but keeping their essence and  with a menu where traditional and Catalan cuisine were present, attending above all to the quality of the product without forgetting the basics of our gastronomy.

Since then, Casa Jaime has been one of my places of reference;

-When I’m in Eixample and I’m not clear where to eat, it’s a safe bet, Monday to Friday the have an amazing 10€ menu

-When my guests ask me for a special place to eat, everyone returns enchanted by the charm of the place, its careful menu, the taste of its dishes and of course, the friendliness and professionalism of its staff

– When  I have friends visiting and I want to take them to a place where they can feel special and welcoming.

-If I am around the are in the morning, I take the opportunity to go for one of their fantastic breakfasts that my friend Jose de Ritual Moda , nicely recommended a while ago.



Whenever I write about a place, I like to do a little questionnaire with their owners to know a little beyond what we see, this was my talk with Ramon, one of their owners

1.-Since when you are in front of Casa Jaime and what was the main reason that made you embark on this adventure?
We took the reins of CASA JAIME in July 2014. We were regular customers of the old restaurant and we knew very badly that it would close. It was a benchmark in Barcelona. My partner thought that with a facelift and an update of the menu, we could recover its essence of the restaurant of a lifetime and at the same time make it a very attractive place for young people.

2.-What kind people comes to Casa Jaime?

Breakfast; Many friends come to breakfast at CASA JAIME, is one of the few places where there is atmosphere also in the morning. And we have the best coffee and cakes!

Lunch; As before, is still the preferred place for families to meet, especially on weekends, to celebrate birthdays, etc. Weekdays, to our surprise, we saw how from the first month it became a place of business meals for many offices and offices in the area. We are very discreet, but we know that in the reserved have closed great agreements 🙂

A glass of wine: many young people come simply to have a drink or beer, to talk to the waiters … and to call! There are customers who have become friends, and something more, thanks to the cosy atmosphere.

Dinner; CASA JAIME is the place to have dinner during the week for the neighbours. But as the kitchen is continuous, there are also tourists as from 5-6pm. And on weekends, it’s THE PLACE for dinner and the first drink, before going out to party. There is a perfect mix of neighbours, tourists, straight people, gays, … as it does not happen almost anywhere else. Often they also reserve the room area for private parties.

3. What is the main reason why we should come to  Casa Jaime?

Many new clients come the first time by recommendation or by the good critics in social networks, then they see that it is also an ideal place to socialize and meet people, as it was done in formerly missing civic centers. Apart, some Tuesdays in the bar area we have live music of jazz, rumba, flamenco, bossa nova, … We announced it 2-3 days before on our Facebook.

4.- Choose from the whole menu, your perfect meal
Varied menu, several dishes to share … For groups and tourists, the best, the tapas. You try everything and you get a very good idea of what kind of food we make. In the menu, we have the dishes of traditional Catalan and Spanish food that they like, some with a more modern or exotic touch. I also emphasise the daily menu of noon, from Monday to Sunday, with the best value for money in the area!

5.-And finally, what is your dream?

Our dream has already been fulfilled. We wanted a place where to be at ease and get customers happy (many or few, we did not know), and not only do we have many happy customers from the first year, but many customers have become friends. In addition, we have managed to have such a good atmosphere in the kitchen and with all the waiters that I think that is also transmitted to the customers. Even the founder, Mr. Jaime (91 years), is every evening with us playing the domino with his friends. What else could I ask for?



Many thanks Ramon, I had no doubt that Casa Jaime was one of those places with soul, to which one always wants to return, and your answers are a clear proof that behind a great restaurant are always the passion and love for good cuisine and human relationship based on friendliness and excellence in customer care. Only the satisfaction of seen  the happiness of MR Jaime, his founder, knowing that his restaurant is in the best hands, it´s a proof of your great success.


Thank you very much to make my meals a beautiful experience and I will see you all soon!!






Casa Jaime

Consell de Cent 222
08011 Barcelona

Tel. 931 893 222

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18 free things to do in Barcelona – Lonely Planet

Barcelona has enough to keep the most voracious of culture vultures and self-indulgent of gourmands happy for weeks, but all those entry fees and tapas bills can mount up. Fortunately, help is at hand with a variety of ways to make your holiday budget stretch a little further.

In addition to the free activities and sights below, you can also save on transport by investing in a T10 travel card, which allows you 10 journeys within the city on any form of public transport.

In this post by Lonely Planet you will find 18 FREE options if you visit Barcelona, like

Free museums on Sundays

Admire Modernisme architecture

Bask on a beach

Sniff out free music, dancing and art

Limber up for ping pong, boules and hiking….


so go ahead and do it all!!!


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Gothic Quarter, Barcelona – Myths and Legends | another BCN – Barcelona alternativa

Today we’re going to talk about a short tour around the Gothic Quarter based on myths and legends of Barcelona.We’ll start off with the re

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barcelona day trip-lovingbcnblo

          Thinking of another Barcelona day trip, I thought of Figueras, it is a must, especially for lovers of Dali, who should not leave without visiting this picturesque place.

          Figueres is a very easy Barcelona day trip, Known for being the birthplace of Salvador Dalí, this city of deep Catalan roots offers visitors the opportunity to visit the Dalí Theater-Museum, dedicated to the brilliant surrealist painter. A cultural offer that is completed with several museums and a calendar full of parties and events spread throughout the year.

barcelona day trip-lovingbcnblo

           Figueres also has an important monumental heritage, is a city full of tourist attractions, I have made an easy list of places you could visit in town, but as it os a small city, you can just walk around and explore by yourself to To marvel at this magical small town.

What to visit at Figueras;

1.- Medieval walls, as well as abundant examples of modernist and neoclassical architecture that appear scattered throughout the centre of the city.

2.-Castle of Sant Ferran, On the outskirts, dominating the city on a hill fort that was built in the eighteenth century. Its colossal dimensions and its more than three kilometres of the perimeter make it one of the largest in Europe.

3.-The historical centre of Figueres is delimited by vestiges of its old wall, raised in the Middle Ages to defend the town.

4.-Plaza del Ayuntamiento, remodelled in neoclassical style and where the consistorial building stands, or the surroundings of Magre St, where the old Jewish quarter was located.

5.-La Rambla is the main walk and authentic axis of the city. This lively commercial street concentrates the most ambitious architectural projects of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, driven mostly by the booming local bourgeoisie of the time.

6. Sant Pere church built originally in Romanesque style, the parochial temple was rebuilt in the XIV century under Gothic canons. Subsequently were added some elements such as the cruise and the apse, both of the eighteenth century

7.-Chapel of Sant Sebastià, of medieval origin and refurbished at the beginning of the s. XVII

8.- Convent of the Caputxins, complex built in the eighteenth century

9 .- The Dalí Theater-Museum, located in the old municipal theatre, becomes one of the main cultural events of the city. Designed by the artist himself, it contains an important exhibition that, through numerous works, allows you to take a tour of the trajectory of the one who was considered a master of Surrealism. The enclosure was enlarged with the Galatea Tower, where the brilliant painter died.

10.-Museum of the Toy of Catalonia, that exposes an interesting collection of toys of diverse times

11.- Museum of the Empordà, where it is possible to get into the history and art of the region. All this will contribute to discovering a city of deep Catalan essences, as evidenced by its condition as cradle of the Sardana, typical dance

12.-Modernist buildings, such as the Casa Cusí, the Puig-Soler House or the Casa Salleras; And neoclassical style, among which we must mention the Bonaterra House, the Casa del Cafè Progrés and the Casa Polideseia.

13.-Very close to Figueras we have the magical village of Cadaqués, which houses the House-Museum of Salvador Dalí;

Eating in Figueras on you Barcelona day trip

         .La cuisine In terms of gastronomy, Figueras combines raw materials from the sea and the mountains. From the nearby coast come the fish, which are served cooked, baked, grilled or in a sauce. Other recipes are also typical such as chicken or rabbit with lobsters and veal accompanied with vegetables, mushrooms or fruits. To accompany, you can choose any of the excellent wines and cavas labelled under the Denomination of Origin Ampurdán-Costa Brava. It is worth mentioning the popular “novel” , as well as sweet wines and young reds.

How to get  there

          It is an easy Barcelona day trip on the high-speed train, in an hour you will be in Figueras-Vilasant, here, local buses will approach you to the centre of Figueras, The ticket costs between 10 and 30 € according to the schedule and buying round trip can be cheaper

          If you decide to go for this day trip, enjoy!! otherwise, you have also another Barcelona day trip like Girona, Montserrat o Sitges, whatever you decide, have a wonderful time!!



Montserrat, Barcelona

Montserrat Barcelona

      Montserrat Barcelona is another suggestion if you are looking for day trips from Barcelona. This is another post about one of my favourites things to do, when I am away, an Excursion!!

          If you are a lover of mountains and nature, you should not miss Montserrat Barcelona, this wonderful place with easy access from Barcelona

          In the heart of Catalonia rises Montserrat Barcelona, a mountain of unique shapes and soft grey stones, a spectacular massif that at its summit houses the image of the Virgin of Montserrat, patroness of Catalonia.

          In this natural park, full of pines and oaks, and populated by squirrels, wild boars and gipsies, among other species, there are many itineraries and guided tours to know its nooks and crannies.

          At its top, stands majestically the Sanctuary in which is venerated “La Moreneta”, the carving of the virgin, in Romanesque style, and dating to the twelfth century. The architectural complex consists of various squares and the basilica, originally from the sixteenth century and rebuilt during the nineteenth century. There is also a hostel for pilgrims and visitors

.           The truth is that to do this type of routes if you are a lover of nature is one of the major’s pleasures that exist, by the majesty of these mountains and its indescribable sights

         Nearby is the Benedictine Monastery, with its beautiful chapter house, neo-romantic cloister and refectory, renovated in 1925 by the architect Puig & Catafalco. In addition, the Museum hides works by artists such as Picasso, Dalí and El Greco.

         There are many paths and routes throughout the mountain, the best thing is that on a map you choose that you like me, you can do perfectly by foot, and when you finish you will be able to live the monastery where the Viceroy of Montserrat ¨La Moreneta “ Is the patron saint of Catalonia

      How to get to Montserrat Barcelona

FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat) trains to Montserrat depart from Barcelona-Plaça Espanya Station leave every hour from 08.36 am.
The R5 (Barcelona – Manresa) line also links up with the Montserrat cable car and rack railway stations.
Once you get there, Montserrat’s Rack railway is a public transport service giving visitors magnificent views as it ascends more than 600 metres up the mountain. The journey from the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat railway station in Monistrol de Montserrat to the monastery covers 5 kilometres.
The journey takes 15 minutes, with departures from Monistrol Vila every 20 minutes.



Day trips from Barcelona goes to GIRONA

day trips from barcelona-girona-lovingbcnblog

      When I am travelling, I love short excursions from my destination city, Day trips from Barcelona, are a series of posts about shorts excursions you can do from Barcelona and which are worth to take.

         If you are in Barcelona more than 4-5 days ,  a day trip from Barcelona is a great option, to know some places near the city that will surely give you a different perspective of our culture, history, nature …

         There are several options, I have chosen based on interest in the place, proximity, easy access to reach the destination point, and above all, sites that I have visited and I loved it, which is the purpose of this blog, to take you to places  I usually go and somehow, takes my breath way.


         Girona is a beautiful medieval city,perfect for a day trip from Barcelona,  just about an hour away by train, the most comfortable and easy way to get there. Despite the many guides that you will find, when I went to Gerona for the first time,  simply walk aimlessly to discover a city that falls in love at every step, however I will give you some tips to find your way.

         They call it the “City of the Four Rivers”, it has a historical quarter dominated by medieval constructions and Roman, Arabic and Hebrew reminiscences .. In any of its charming restaurants, taverns and restaurants, you will have the opportunity to approach regional gastronomy, which combines sea and mountain products in their recipes.

          Here you got some spots you should not missed, but as I say at the beginning , get lost and let the city surprise you!

1.The Cathedral. There is  an immense Gothic nave, the widest of medieval European architecture. In its interior is conserved one of the textile jewels of the Catalan Romanesque, the Tapiz de la Creación.

2.-Benedictine Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Nicolau Church These are Romanesque temples whose apses and octagonal domes deserve a close observation.

3.-Convent of Sant Doménech, surrounded by stunning gardens.

4.- The Call, one of the best conserved juderías in Spain. Força street is the central axis of this neighborhood that counted on synagogue and centers of cabalístico study. Oli & Vi square,  keep all the charm of the past, and in them, they open some of the best jewels of medieval palatial architecture, like the Fontana D’Ors.

5.-Arab baths, where we have to highlight a temple raised on eight thin columns and crowned by an octagonal dome.

6.- Sant Feliu bell tower

7.-The Stone bridge over the Onyar river, from where you will get views of the  city.Across the river we find the most beautiful examples of Catalan modernism signed by Rafael Masó. Outstanding buildings are the Fábrica Teixidor and the Casa de la Punxa, among others. The Hospital of Santa Caterina, built-in the baroque style of the XVII century, is also installed in this area.

8.– Devesa Park ; Exotic forest mass composed mainly of banana trees, which contrasts strongly with the medieval architecture of the city.

day trips from barcelona-devesa parq-lovingbcnblog

What to eat  @ Gerona

     The combination of products from the coast and the interior creates recipes such as snails stew, grilled vegetables with romesco sauce (with almonds and “chorizo pepper”) or rice with fish, as starters. Between the seconds, we can choose between grilled fish, chicken with lobster or rabbit with chocolate. Catalan cream (custard with caramelized sugar on top ) or apple strudel may be some of the deserts chosen. All this conveniently accompanied by the white, red and pink of the Denomination of Origin of Ampurdán-Costa Brava.

      Acording with trip advisor, here is a list of 10 best restaurants in Girona.

     How to get to Gerona

    The best and most comfortable option for me is the train, they leave from the Sants Station in Barcelona quite often. It takes between 40 min to an hour and prices goes from about 30€ return tickets, all depending on train, hours… You can consult the timetables and the price of the ticket in Renfe website

“It is an absolutely wonderful option for a day trip from Barcelona, if you are looking for magnificent sightseeing and dig into our history and gastronomy in the easiest and most pleasant way possible, so I hope you love this enchanted city as much as I do.”


Charming Restaurants in Barcelona; Bodega La Palma

charming restaurants-bodega la palma-lovingbcnblog

          Looking for charming restaurants in Barcelona, today I had the great pleasure of visiting, Bodega la Palma,    along with my friend, and great Image Advisor, Silvia Uceda,  one of those magical places in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, that never leave you indifferent. The truth is, lately proliferate new restaurants with retro or vintage image, which I actually love it, but when you visit a place like Bodega la Palma, original from 1935, which is 100% authentic, with history and roots, to me, at least it reaches my soul.

          One of the many good reasons of going to this winery, is to visit the Gothic Quarter, sometimes, those who live in Barcelona, forget the enormous pleasure that is to stroll through this charming neighborhood, and get lost in its narrow streets and dream squares.For me, as I was born in South Spain, when friends or family come to visit me, I always look for a place to take them to leave a mark, and this Winery is one of the, as we say here, a sure bet.

          An easy way to get to  Bodega La Palma is to take Calle de la Ciutat from Plaza de Sant Jaume, right where you see the council and Generalitat building, till you find calle Bellafila, right at the end, you will see Bodega la Palma´s door.

      From the moment you arrive in La Palma, you realize that it is a special place. Its decoration is practically the same as it was 100 years ago, wine barrels in bulk,, high ceilings, small ítems from years ago take you to a distant past, and its owners have taken care of every detail so that you feel at ease.

         One of the things I liked a lot, when talking to Judit, one of her owners, is to see the love she has for this unique place, as she told us how important it is for them to choose the product they use to make their dishes , always ecological and seasonal raw material to offer its diners only the best, in addition to taking care of the gastronomic traditions of Catalonia looking for local products, farms and vegetable gardens in the region.

          When you go to the palm, I would say that you have several options

  • Unforgettable breakfast, with first-class baking-wood oven bread, and local sausages
  • A wonderful lunch menu from Monday to Friday of € 12, in which Marisol, her day chef puts all her affection to elaborate dream dishes
  • An intimate dinner under a dim and cogent light to taste its succulent menu of traditional dishes of the region and tapas, by its great chef David
  • Simply pass and take one of their exquisite wines with amazing tapas like their like croquettes, anchovies in vinegar, smoked cod with truffles, this is what we like the local wines and tapas.

         I decide to go  for their succulent lunch menu, which was truly spectacular, first, second, dessert and drink with high-quality organic products for only € 12

As a starter I had “ Xato with Cod and Anchovies“, typically Catalan salad, with romesco sauce, simply delicious, I stayed with the wish to try the Onion Soup.

For main, I doubted between grilled goldfish with vegetables or pork cheek, I opted for a challenge for the Pork cheek with mashed potatoes, I chose this dish, which is the specialty of my mother and my aunts, I am original of a Town of Seville and my mother and my aunts cook difficult to overcome with stews and traditional cuisine, and I must say, Marisol cheek pork was comparable to my mother or my aunts, and that was very difficult to overcome.

It was time for dessert and  Judit, kindly,  advise  me the cheesecake, it is always good to be advised, especially when you see the love that processes for your local staff, and agrees that the cheesecake is my favorite dessert, I have been lucky to Traveling around the world, I have eaten American, Chinese, English, African, Asian cheese tarts … and the one at Bodega La Palma has been one of the best, taste, texture … they were unbeatable.

charming restaurants-bodega la palma-lovingbcnblog

          At the end, I was thinking and the portions were very appropriate, the presentation, unbeatable and the flavor, Oh my God!  You better go and try it.

          After that, already at the table and with the coffee, I always like a little intimate chat with someone from the restaurant, so Judit,  offered to satiate my curiosity and let me ask her some questions …

I want to share our conversation, as Judit, somehow is one of the front house faces, and she is just  adorable

1-When did you take over La Palma and what was the main reason that made you embark on this adventure?

We have been here almost 11  years! My family is from this neighborhood, I lived with my grandfather in the street next door and this is a place  I`ve loved my whole life. When I heard that the lifetime owner was due to retirement, I put myself in the long queue of all people who wanted this little business. I was lucky that Mrs. Carme, the previous owner,  believed that we would continue with their lifetime style and especially following with  their values at her restaurant.They did not want to leave in anyone hands, they were actually looking for the right ones, and they picked up us!

2.-Out of the blue, just tell me 5 people who you would invite to La Palma? (Famous, friends, family … of any nationality, friends …)

Breakfast; Pascual Maragall, if we could remember the Barcelona of the 90s and we would chat about the current situation of the city!

Lunch; The Fermi Puig! A great cook, traditional and capable of transmitting recipes of all life, with a style of the avant-garde. I hear it often on a radio show, Rac1.

A vinito el Albert, my partner at La Palma and my love for the last  21 years! (This has been my favorite answer)

Dinner;: Vincent Cassel, I’m sure he likes the wine cellar!

3.-Tell me a good reason why we should come to La Palma

Obviously, the place is one of the few in this city, an authentic winery, which is more than 80 years old. The atmosphere of “Bodega” is felt only when you enter the door. On the other hand, our costumers are really impressed by the quality of our gastronomic range of dishes.

4.- Choose from the whole menu, your perfect meal in the palm

With my friends, we would ask, for starters, a vermouth of the house with the usual “Gildas”, afterward, octopus- Feira style salad with watercress and squid in its ink croquettes, which are the specialty of the house. We would accompany him safely with a good wine White. Then, with this cold weather, we would continue with the chickpeas stew, with ham and cuttlefish, and beef tongue at a low temperature with shrimps. For dessert: a brioche toast with hazelnut praline and kefir ice cream.

5.-And finally Judit, what is your dream?

 To see my Bodega in 10 years time, exactly how it is now!

      At this point, I thought…“that was a wonderful  last answer, which for me, explains everything, Carmen, the previous owner, would be so proud of your work at La Palma Judit,”

          After my talk with Judit, I understood why I had felt warming and at home eating at Bodega La Palma, I understood why I did not know what to choose from the menu, I wanted everything, why I was looking forward to going back, to try their breakfasts of tender wood oven bread and why I could not wait to come back one night to enjoy one of those intimate dinners to taste those delicacies they have on their menu.

         And the reason was no other that Bodega La Palma has, as a famous Spanish bolero says…

 Soul, Heart and Life.

   charming restaurants-bodega la palma-lovingbcnblog

 Thanks Judit for the beautiful words you gave me in our talk.

Thanks to all the staff of Bodega La Palma for its excellent service, kindness, and sympathy and above all

Thanks Marisol for your dishes,  which have taken me to my childhood and adolescence, to the warmth of my mother with the tenderness and the taste of your pork cheek.

          Thanks to all of you, it will be my great pleasure to become,  from now on, one of your regular customers.

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Best new restaurants Barcelona @Paseo San Juan

best new restaurants barcelona-viti taberna-lovingbcnblog

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In the last months or maybe the last year, Paseo de San Juan, a beautiful avenue that goes from Arco del Triunfo to Diagonal, has become a fashionable place for those who live in Barcelona, and we love good cuisine and places with charm and  soul,  to hang out with our friends.

Continually  they are opening new restaurants, bars, becoming A MUST if you visit Barcelona, ​​in general, is not an area crowded by tourists, if not by those who live here.

I recommend you to take it all to admire the wonderful buildings of this magnificent walk and stop in the place that you like the most or maybe try a couple of then.

These are the places that I have chosen,  for me are definitely the best ones, starting at the corner of Diagonal with Paseo San Juan;


1.-Granja Petitbo

#Paseo San Juan 82   Singular and welcoming place with  excellent food. Eggs Benedict and  Carrot Cake are amazing, one of the best I’ve had in BCN! The smoothies are exquisite too ,and the staff is very attentive and friendly, so if you did not have it clear, you already have it, go !.


#Paseo san Juan 80  “Limoná” is the bakery area, where you can have breakfast, or snack on some of its rich sweets, “Chicha” is the food area. It stands out for having the highest quality product, I think this is its key to success. Natural juices coldpress of generous size, super-organic import drinks, delicious yogurts de’n Pauet.Great place for brunch with a really, really good COFFEE!

3.-El Viti Taberna

#Paseo san Juan 63  The place itself is gorgeous, like the old Spanish taverns, they always give me a spectacular service, let yourself be advised by them who know what they are talking about. What they are defined by it is  their products of the area of ​​Castilla y Leon area. A really proper place if you want to know True Spanish cuisine. The patatas bravas are spectacular, any potatoes dish is amazing

4.-Timesburg Sant Joan

#Paseo san Juan 47  A new modern and casual style restaurant,  where hamburger lovers can sample an extensive menu of gourmet burgers.

5.-Secrets del Mediterrani

#Paseo San Juan 28   I just love this place, a friendly and homely  vermuteria with a great variety of tapas, from a surprising smoked tuna, some goat’s cheese tortillas, cockles and spanish cold meat , and wines. It goes almost unnoticed since its door is small, so look for it carefully. The concept gourmet store with backroom restaurant is something I really like, as you can buy some nice and quality products to take home.The service is magnifies and  staff is absolutely amazing, you can see they love working there, and this is hard to find sometimes.


#Paseo San Juan 23  Another lovely and  recently opened place.The terrace, main bar and top floor are very cozy, they have taken care of the decoration to the last detail, the wall with the bug is super cool ! Their specialty is brunch, specially the magically cooked eggs, their  tiramisu is just  wonderful sin, just to eat it, is an excellent excuse to give then a visit, If you eat somewhere else, visit Firebug for a coffee and tiramisu, you will love it!!

Sweet Paseo San Juan


La Glace Ice Cream

#Paseo de San Juan 5   The  smallest and cutest ice cream shop I´ve ever seen, with exquisite flavors 100% natural.It is mandatory to stop  if you love ice cream as I do or just a Crep or Gofree that will not leave you indifferent.

Giulietta Cafe

#Plaza de Tetuan 4 Every time i pass by this cozy and homely place, i feel like getting in, I can not help it.Their aim is to bring you the best local products (KM-0). elaborated in a sustainable way, bought directly from the producer . They are small producers, family businesses , that spoil their products to the greatest.  Homemade sweet and savory recipes are made every morning by their magnificent pastry chef.

Barcelona Cocktails Bars

Barcelona Coktails Bars-sky bar-lovingbcnblog

          Barcelona Cocktails Bars is a blog post  from travelandtrouvailles, she recommends some places to have a drink, and together with the ones I have on my Blog, you will have enough choices to have a great night out!!

by  travelandtrouvailles

Le Journal, Francisco Giner 36, Raval

Rabipelao, Riera alta 50, Raval

The Lime House, Carders 31, El born

Paradiso, Rera Palau 4, El Born

La Dama, Diagonal 423, Eixample, corner with Calle Enrique Granados

Servicio Continuo, Diagonal 353, Eixample, corner Calle Bruc

El Nacional, Paseo de Gracia 24bis

L’Elephanta, Torrent de Vidalet 37, Gracia

Milano, Ronda Universidad 35, Near Plaza Cataluña


by LovingbcnBlog

CDLC & Shoko by Olimpic port
Betty Ford, Café librería, Beirut 37. Casa almiral, Olimpic bar, Bar invisible, 33-45, Tahiti, at Calle Joaquin Costa, RavalLa Martinera Muntaner 102, EixampleSky Bar at Axel Hotel; Aribau 3, Eixample 


Where to drink: Barcelona by travelandtrouvailles

Hope everyone celebrating enjoyed their Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations and ate and drank a sufficient amount. I had a lovely Christmas here in France but am starting to get very excited to go back to England for the first time in 6 months tomorrow! This post is an addition to the Barcelona series: we’ve done brunch and now it’s time for bars. The bar scene in Barcelona is amazing and there is really something for everyone. If you’re ever in Barcelona, be sure to give at least one of these a try!




     La Diagonal, a beautiful walk on the most elegant Barcelona Avenue.It  is the main artery of Barcelona, which divides the city into two areas, clearly differences, above, where are the areas of more wealthy people, luxury houses in Av. Pearson,  Bonanova, although it is also  above, the singular neighborhood of Gracia. Below  Diagonal it is Eixample, and Ciutat vella, the part of the city that we know best.

     It cross the city diagonally. Its length is approximately 11 kilometers, being one of the most important entrance and exit ways of the city in the direction of Tarragona.

     Diagonal, is one of the most important commercial axes of the city. A walk along the diagonal is perhaps something that not many propose, but it seems to me a fantastic walk to soak up the Barcelona architecture and its most distinguished shops, restaurants ..

     For those who like to walk, it is a pleasant walk since the Diagonal has wide sidewalks. It is just over 3 km away and approximately  45 – 60 minutes walking distance.

     My proposal would be to start in Francesc Macia, an elegant roundabout, and walk until Paseo Sant Joan. I will describe the points that I find interesting, although it is better to simply walk, keep the view open and explore for oneself. It also has a bike lane, practically all its route, therefore it is another great option to do this walk.


       Walking around La Diagonal

      From  Francesc Macià, taking here Av. Pau casals , we  find

  • Turó Parc a small park, but suitable for a walk or rest of the asphalt. Around the Turó Parc, you will find luxury shops, jewelry, furniture or clothes. The area of the Turo Parc is considered “high standing” area of Barcelona by many.

Once you past Francesc Macia, you will find 

  • Calle Muntaner, and there, one of my favorite places called Velodromo, perfect for a coffee break or a pick me up.
  • Calle Enrique Granados, which I´ve mentioned several times in my blog, it is a wonder, a boulevard, full of restaurants and leisure areas that ends inPlaza Universidad, although this is another walk, or a way to improvise this, here it is your choice.Just before you get to Paseo  de Gracia you have to one side
  • Palau Robert, which it  is an exhibition center with  beautiful gardens,  and the other side, the entrance to El Barrio de Gracia, a beautiful and typical neighborhood worth a visit. You have the option of walk down Paseo de Gracia or continue walking until Paseo de San Juan, I recommend this option and visit Paseo de Gracia any other time.
  • diagonal-palau robert -lovinbcnblog
    Palau Robert

Once you past Paseo de Gracia,  you have the most unique buildings that are worth stopping, all belong to modernism and are from the beginning of 1900, on the left you will find

  • Casa Comalat, modernist building of the architect Salvador Valeri i Pupurull, similar to the Casa Batllo of Gaudi, do not miss the back of the building, in calle corcega 316 which is even more attractive than the previous one. In front of Colomat house we find


diagonal-casa comalat -lovinbcnblog
Casa Comalat
  • Palacio de  Baron de Quadras, modernist house of the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, now home of Casa Asia in Barcelona
  • If you want to eat, walk down calle Pau Claris  and enter the Concept Store, a multi space where the interior designer Jaime Beriestain shows restored vintage furniture, natural flowers, candles, international books, fragrances, carpets, gourmet products and others that he creates . The space has an area of 500 m2 and houses, in addition to the shop and cafe-restaurant an area dedicated to flowers.

We continue our walk to find in the left side

  • Casa de les Punxes or Casa Terradas, by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, a house that a wealthy businessman, Bartomeu Terradas i Mont, commissioned the architect for one of his sisters. Reminds of the medieval castles, one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona, which has recently opened its doors to the public and is worth visiting inside

Keeping our walk we will get to 

  • Calle Bruc , if you like the mussels, go down this street until calle Mallorca s where you will find La Muscleria. Going back to Diagonal we will reach the end of our Diagonal walk
  •  Paseo San Juan, a lovely street on large sidewalks. When you enter Paseo Sant Juan, I recommend a stop at ChichaLimona, an eclectic place where the soul, is the food, with a menu for all tastes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tapas, wines and even a chef of pizzas.

     At the end of Paseo San Juan,  It is the magnificent Arco del triunfo, great spots to take pictures,  and from here you can explore the amazing El Born.

       I hope you enjoy and above,  all improvise this visit to Diagonal

Gluten Free Barcelona


Gluten Free Barcelona is a tried and tested guide to eating out in Barcelona for those with food allergies and intolerances.

To read the full post click on the next link  Gluten-free Barcelona – (

Many thanks to our friends from Barcelona-Metropolitan Blog

 for let me share this interesting and helpfull post

Best Sunday Brunch

  The best Sunday brunch in Barcelona is defiantly @ W Hotel, even though their #thisisnotasundaybruch, which i love it, but no matter how they call ir, it is definitely the best plan for a fabulous Sunday.


Retox Sundays are weekly parties that combine  a creative and relaxed culinary proposal with electronic music.


10 reasons to be @ Retox Sundays @ W

1.- W Hotel 

Retox it takes place at WAVE restaurant and the W Lounge If you don’t know this stunning hotel, is just a reason to be there, its magnificent salons, pool area… are nothing like you have seen in Barcelona, believe me.

2.-To avoid sunday nightmare hangover,  from a nasty long saturday night.

Plan ahead your retox sunday, have an early night and enjoy a fabulous sunday at this remarkable venue, with your beloved and forget this boring Sundays in front of the TV, this is a real and glamour plan!

3.-View from pool area

I particularly love the views from W, you can see the whole bcn beach from a perfect distance. Every hour has a magical light at W, wait till you see The 2 towers ahead turning gold… it is breathtaking best sunday brunch- w pool -lovinbcnblog


The amazing buffet opens at 14h and closes at 17h.The variety and presentation of food is just something it has be experience, small tastefully portions of healthy bites hot & colds in the most amazing colourful set up you have ever seen. nutritious and healthy items, such as avocado on toast, Ceviche, guacamole  and acai bowls 

5.-W staff

Since you walking @ W you get a remarkable treat from all W staff, hostess, bar staff, PR… making you feel like a real VIP GUEST.


No much to say here, it is about drinking it, i do recommend Strawberry Mojito though

best sunday brunch- retox-lovinbcnblog


7.-Dj on the house

 There is a fabulous DJ all day long and as the day goes by, plays for the party crowd till 23;00 best sunday brunch-w hotel -lovinbcnblog


I don´t know about you, but i do love sweets and the first thing that catch my attention was an  unbelievable  dessert & sweets table by the dj area with the richest and cutest sweets i’ve ever seen, i wanted to eat then all… which it was impossible, of course, but as there are the cutest small portions,I managed to  try out lots of then 


There were really nice people all over the place, everyone was really enjoying the event and I strongly recommend to go  smart casual with a great look, as you will be taken lots photos, the venue just invited you to do so!

best sunday brunch- retox -lovinbcnblog



10.-#this is not a sunday brunch

And as last but not less reason, here comes our Social Media Life. We all love our social media, and this is the perfect place to take amazing selfies, photos… and putting on your social to get lots likes and make your friends kindly jealous…



W Living Room, and enjoy a variety of healthy bites, fresh juices and guilty pleasures.

         From: 2pm – 4pm   Price: 35€* per person   SIGN UP >

After-Brunch Party (no food included)

         From: 4pm – 8pm    Price: Complimentary Access GET ON THE LIST >  RESERVE A VIP TABLE >

The best lunch with friends @ Nou Mediterrani

best lunch barcelona- neu mediterrani -lovinbcnblog

           We had one of the best lunch in Barcelona a few days ago.I finally went to see the new “Nou Mediterrani”, where we had an amazing lunch at this a stunning restaurant in between El Born and Eixample, co-owned and managed by my dear friend Carlota, who came back from London to take care of this new challenge, bringing to New Mediterrani all her passion and knowledge of all those years in the hospitality industry in London. I have to say indeed, my visit exceeded my expectations.

          Just as I walked in a brand new chill out area, by the entrance, with a giant blackboard did make a difference with the one I visited months ago, just when she started this new project. Her kind hostess Alex, led us to our table, what was my surprise when we saw that main floor, was not open, so he took downstairs, where a beautiful huge salon with Roman arches, soft lighting and subtle background music, was actually where the lunch was served, “Carlota I said to myself, well done girl, you’ve managed to make huge a difference, and we haven´t even started”.

          It was supposed to be just a casual lunch with friends, but it turned into a spectacular meal in a wonderful unexpected location and a lovely, friendly and warm atmosphere, which we could not but loved it. 


          We decided to go for the special menu they offer Monday to Fridays at lunch time. Just as we sat, our lovely Carlota showed up with an amazing plate of croquets, crispy on the outside and a bit runny inside, just the way I like it, I hardly saw then actually, as they disappeared in about seconds!!

As a starter, after a long uncertainty I had “Red Tuna Ceviche with Vegetable Crisp”, a dish that I do not always dare to ask, as it is not easy to find a good one, especially when you’ve eaten my friend Esther Espejo Ceviche, but it was a jackpot, it had just a perfect citric touch and that texture of marinated tuna, that you do not want to ever ends.

Anyway, it was time for a main course and after much hesitation, and in tribute to my home, came some delicious “Deep Fried Baby Squid with Citric Hollandaise Sauce” I am a southern boy, and it was like to be back home, terrific!!

I am also sweet (in all ways), so I treated myself with a tremendous dessert” Homemade Eco Chocolate Brownie with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream”, at this point had already fallen surrendered into the arms of Carlota, you did it girl!!


               The most astonishing was actually the bill, when we realized that stunning menu was only € 15.95, it was unreal. The truth, to sum up, you get the impression for the place you are, the excellent service from the waiters, hostesses, product quality you eat … you will pay a minimum of € 40-50€ per person, and you end up paying less than half, and we love that don´t we?

 After the meal, and in a sort of avoid a deserve Spanish siesta, I looked for Carlota and we have a little intimate chat;

In between us

What did it make you come back from London my darling?
After 7 years in London I was ready for new challenges. I was offer the job as a General Manager in Nou Mediterrani and after visiting the place I did not think it twice, it’s a lovely venue in central Bcn with lots of potential. Now working alongside one of the best head chefs I know, we believe Neu Mediterrani will become a point of reference in the Barcelona gastronomy,

Now out of the blue and looking into my eyes, tell me, with no limits, who would you invited to Nou mediterrani for;
Breakfast, Jamie Oliver, I love his gastronomic philosophy
Lunch, my grandma, one of the most important woman in my life, from her I learnt since how to be a wonderful person to cook the most traditional Catalan dishes.
Dinner, my friends & family, who better than them to create memories enjoying good food & good wine.
Cocktails with no doubt Harry Craddock

In a few words convince me to come to Neu mediterrani?
Make memories in your life around good food & wine in a beautiful place.

From your menu, create your perfect lunch;
Starter; Black rice with white truffles, tarragon & Catalan mushrooms
Main course; cured beef tagliata
Dessert; yogurt bread with red berries & violet ice cream
Drink; a glass of Trenzado, a biological white wine from Canary Island.

What do you dream off Carlota?
good question! but is simple, my dream is just what I have in my life right now, I’m a strong & hard work woman, and I have everything I could wish for. I have a wonderful family & friends, a job that I love & health, everything else is welcome of course!

        I had to love her, isn´t she adorable?  New mediterrani also open in the evenings, so it will be interesting to try one of their dinners, in addition to different events like private parties, business meals that Carlota Run with success, innovating and surprising with her fantastic proposals.

          After my visit I know Carlota will fulfill her dream, since she is putting her soul and heart in it, and her smile and passion while attending to her clientage is the reflection of what she is living, making her dream come true.

           Congratulations princess and thank you very much for everything, we will be back asap


Love & Hugs

Mario from loving


         Until 6- November ,  enjoy  Restaurant Week 2016  Barcelona,  the best restaurants in town offer exclusive menus at a fixed price of 25 euros, consisting of starter, main course, dessert and drink.

           From each menu, 1€ will go to a project “Aqui Tambien” of the NGO “Ayuda en Acción”,  a project   to alleviate child poverty in Spain, providing school meals, textbooks, educational support, etc. ..

          These days, food lovers will be able to enjoy  special menus at lower prices thanks to these special events, you have time until next November 6.

               70 restaurants are participating in this edition in Barcelona, which you can see on the website “El tenedor”, made a short list below with the ones I know  in the nearby areas, enjoy it !!!



 La Taberna del Cura, gran de gracia 83


Sagas, plaza de palau 13

Bananas, fusina 7

Oaxaca,  paza de palau 19

1881 per Sagardi, plaza de pau vila 3

Ten’s Tapas Restaurant by Jordi Cruz, rec 79


Moix Wine & Gastrobar, nou de la rambla 35


Bardot, enric granados 147

2254 Restaurant, consejo de ciento 335 (near rambla de cataluña)

Jardín del Alma, mallorca 271 

Indochine Ly Leap, muntaner 82


Arola, marina 19

Pacha Barcelona, paseo maritimo barceloneta 38

Marina Bay by Moncho’s, marina 19, nearby Arts Hotel

Ají Casino Barcelona, marina 19

Pacha Barcelona, paseo maritimo barceloneta 38

Marina Bay by Moncho’s, marina 19, nearby Arts Hotel


Sagardi Bcn Gotic, argenteria 62

 kokka, aviño 30

Palosanto, Aviño 30

El Chipirón, maremagnun shoping center

                                                                                                                 you can book a table here


      This is my own Barcelona BEST TO DO LIST  , from a local point of view, avoiding the touristic sites as much as i can.After 8 years living in Barcelona, I still love to get lost in the city and it is amazing how you discover new places, that you have not even hear about it and make you love this wonderful city even more. .

      These are some of the places I love, and you must try to visit, some of them might sound very for tourist, but somehow, once we let ourselves to get lost in town we are all tourist, and we??

      Like the whole blog, is a very personal point of view, I hope you love it as I do!!

Barcelona Best To Do List

1.- SAGRADA FAMILIA, I know this is the main monument, but I highly recommend to go inside, it is amazing, you do not want to miss that, and do not forget to buy the ticket on line!!
Next to Sagrada Familia is Sant Pau, most of the visitors doesn´t even know about this place, and when they go, they always thank me for the tip….

2.-SANT PAU, the largest Modernist Campus in Europe, is one of the most important works of architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Sant Pau visit is to enter the fullness of modernism and history of one of the oldest hospitals in Europe.
Many tourist miss this amazing space of modern Catalan architecture and it will defiantly TAKE YOUR BREATHE AWAY
How to get there; Sant pau Maria claret 167 ( metro san pau /dos de maig Linea 5)

Barcelona best to do- sant pau -lovingbcnblog

3.-EL BORN, my favorite neighborhood, this is the place where you just want to get lost, there are so many places to eat, have a drink, cake, ice-cream, the best ice cream shop,Gocce di late,  is here, at the beautiful Plaza de Palau. On the main menu you will find a list of my favorite restaurants and bars.

To mention some stress, calle flassaders, it goes from calle princesa to Paseo del Born, make a stop for a drink and nice tapas at La Bascula or Mercat Princesa, you´ll love it! In Calle Montcada, you will find Tapeo, La puntual, great places to eat real Spanish food.

Look for Calle Carders, in find on the way there el Convento de San Agustin, there is a nice bar inside to hace a coffe and a rest, or Casa Joanet to eat, an old and typical bcn homemade food restaurant or La mundial if you look for seafood.Following up Carders, you will find a nice square with many restaurants and bars with a terrace, Alsur is my favorite, and a bit further up, a gorgeaous tipial Spanish restaurant with a beautiful patio called La Bona Sort.

Walk around Mercado del borne, get inside, the choices of restaurants, bars around the mercado is huge, try to get a table outside on the sun, there are outside tables all year long…

Bananas, Bormuth, La paradeta, Ikibana and if you want to try the famous churros con chocolate, La xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer, is the place for you.
Do not forget to get inside Santa Maria Del Mar, the church, if you go on the weekend, there is always a weeding, so say congratulations to the bride!

In the same Area you have the famous Palau de la Musica if you have the change buy a ticket to see a show, whatever, but the experience of a concert at Palau de la Musica is  unique.

Barcelona best to do-palau de la musicsa -lovingbcnblog

4.-GOTHIC QUARTER (Barrio Gotico)

PLAZA DEL PI, at the Gothic Quarter, find out your way there, take a sit in one of the terrace and find your way out…. time to explore again!

PLAZA DEL REY, by Gothic quarter, look for it, easy to find and many beautiful ways to get there.

PLAZA DE SAN FELIPE NERI,This is probably my N1 and not easy to find, give it a go… behind the cathedral, look for Plaza de Garriga y Bachs, take a small street named Montjuic del Bisbe and you will get to a magic small square that not many people know,  but when the get, there, they just love it, Hotel Neri will be an easy tip to get there, in summer time they have a terrace, have a coffee, and enjoy the silence.

5-SUNDAY BRUNCH, there are many places in Barcelona for brunch everyday, Paseo San Juan will be my choice for a great brunch in amazing places every day, but if you are looking for a something special, diferent and abosolutly stunning, choose for a Retox @ W Hotel or Barcelo Sunday Brunch.

6. -BARRIO DE GRACIA, it really amazes me how most of the tourist who visit Bcn do no visit Gracia, the easiest and one of the most famous neighborhood in town.
I could write for days, so better explore by yourself and love it.
To get there, just go to the end of Paseo de Gracia, keep walking till you get to a tube station called Fontana, all this walk is absolutely beautiful, look up to the gorgeous buildings and once you get to the tube station (you can also get there by metro, but I do recommend to walk) take calle Asturias, and time for me to shut up and for you to explore, just look for, calle Verdi, and their famous and charming plazas, Plaza del diamante, Plaza del sol and plaza de la virreina.

7.-DIAGONAL ,   a beautiful walk on the most elegant Barcelona Avenue. It  is the main artery of Barcelona, which divides the city into two areas, clearly differences, above, where are the areas of more wealthy people, luxury houses in Av. Pearson,  Bonanova, although it is also  above, the singular neighborhood of Gracia. Below  Diagonal it is Eixample, andCiutat vella, the part of the city that we know best.

8.-LOS ENCANTES MARQUET, it´s different street Marquette where you can discover the new Barcelona, to get there just take the red line and get off in Glorias, lots things to explore here.

9.-CALLE ENRIQUE GRANADOS  just behind Plaza Universidad, it is a very typical Eixample street, with many amazing places to eat, have a drink… you need to look up all the time to see the beauty of those buildings, I do recommend here, Cafe cosmo, restaurant Flamant, Taverna Japonesa Miu Miu and Cup & cake.

10.-BUNKER DEL CARMELO, it is located at the top of Rovira in the Carmel barrio and it  is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with your friends or your couple. And yeah – the bunker is more than just a nickname – the place is a remains of an old air raid civil war bunker. It was built in 1937 and has been renovated in the past few years. Renovated in sense that it’s clean and safer than before, the sight still has its own unique vibe. Moreover, there are tons of graffiti improving the ambient atmosphere. The closest metro stop is Alfons X (L4, yellow) and from then on you can either walk or take a bus for two stops.

Barcelona best to do- bunker del carmelo -lovingbcnblog

11.- MERCADO DE LAS FLORES Y TEATRO GREC,  if you visit Montjuit, as you leave, look for this open theatre which is located in a charming and beautiful park, I particularly love this spot to just have a walk and relax, check out the program for Mercado de las flores, as this 2 cultural centers offers a magnificent show, like contemporary dance, exhibitions…

12.MNAC, Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña, it is a great museum with wonderful exhibitions, but if you do not have the time, at least get your way up there to get an amazing view of the city you are certainly falling in love.
Very easy to get there, go to Plaza de España, and you will see it from there.

montjuit-museo nacional de cataluña-lovingbcnblog

13.-MONTJUIC, if you are a fan of nature, you can spend a whole day here…
Go to the main menu/ Where to have a walk/MOntjuit…. there is a good plan there to visit us enchant mountain.

14.-TIBIDABO, well, if you are one of those nostalgic, romantic and a fairground fan, do not miss it, I Particularly find a very charming and different place to make your holidays specials.
Located at the top of Collserola mountain, Tibidabo Barcelona is home to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the magical “TEMPLE DE SAGRAT COR”. Dating back to 1900, work began on the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the “Blue Tram” and “Funicular Railway”. Barcelona Tibidabo officially opened on the 29th of October 1901, the “Blue Tram” was considered to be a highly modern and innovative transport method and ended up being one of the main attractions.
To get to Tibidabo Barcelona and the Temple de Sagra Cor church, jump on the Ferrocarril train on L7 at Plaza Catalunya and head to station Av Tibidado. Remember, this is NOT THE METRO SYSTEM.

15.-MACBA & CCCB, modern art museums, at the heart of old Raval, you will find this modern building with a lots bars with terrace, skaters… very particular, as you do not expect a building like, especially the area is so alive.

17.-PASEO DE COLON, this is probably my favorite walk, as I used to live in Raval and my gym was at Barceloneta, as I had to pass by everyday this breathtaking Paseo, from the end of ramblas to Barceloneta, on one side you have the port and at the other, the most beautiful hotels, buildings… facing the sea, please take attention to every detail in this walk, cos once finish, you can keep walking till Barceloneta, and end up at the terrace of W hotel, but the one on the sand…. look out for the view…. and enjoy it, relax and love it.

18.-EL MUNDO EN CADA BESO;  in my best to do list in Barcelona, this wonderful work in Paza Isidre Nonell, in Ciutat Vella, by the  photographer Joan Fontcuberta, is last but no less.Do not leave town without a photo at this amazing mosaic, spend a few minutes looking at every detail, it toke my breath away the first time i saw it and i hope you love it as i do. 

Barcelona best to do-el mundo en cada beso -lovingbcnblog


Bunker del Carmelo

One of the most cool things to do on a sunny day here in Barcelona is going to any of the several spots from where you can admire this fabolous city. Many are famous and therefore accessible at a l…

Origen: Bunker del Carmelo

Sant Pau



Former hospital, the modernist site of Sant Pau was reopened after renovation in 2014, for visits, guided tours, expositions and history archives. Though I’m constantly traveling around the globe, I still have a lot to explore of my home country and Barcelona. The largest modernist site in Europe, many times I have passed by the site and thought “next time”.

Click here to open the original post


Discover Montjuic…

Montjuic is a beautiful montain in Barcelona which deserve a visit.This is an easy and interesting walk. Starting at Plaza De España, our first stop I is “Centro Comercial Las Arenas” , and old bullfighting court, which fortunately is now forbidden in Cataluña, sadly bullfighting is still happening in the rest of the country, but we are fighting to end it. I  highly recommend to go to the giant roof, and have breakfast with a gorgeous view, go all around and take some pictures, look for Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, Torres Mapfre… let´s play!!!

montjuit-museo nacional de cataluña-lovingbcnblog

Afterward, right in front of you, you will see the beautiful Paseo De María Cristina, walk till the end and start climbing to the top!! Do not panic!! There are escalators to the very top. Now you have reached the magnificent MNAC (Museo nacional de arte de Cataluña), if you are an Art & History Lover, take a few hours to visit it , they have great exhibitions and the building itself it makes worth it to get in.

From here, free time!  take as much as you want, the mountain is huge and there are many places to see;



Fuente Magica De Montjuic; better to visit late on the day as there is a    show with music and lights.
Estadio Olimpico Lluis Companys ;  Barcelona Olímpic Games 1992

Jardines de Joan Maragal & Jardines de Claribel, where you will find the beautiful Teatra Grec  (Check out in July Grec Festival de Barcelona, you do not wanna miss it) and the   gorgeous restaurant La Fuente Del Gato

Mercado De Las Flores; a charming place that brings together different uniques and singular buildings where theater , dance and other performing arts are represented , review its program.

Palacete Albeniz; It was built in 1928 and is neoclassical inspiration , now is the residence of the kings of Spain when they visit Barcelona

 Pueblo Español; conceived as a real village, is a selection of full-scale replicas of buildings from different parts of the Peninsula. It is in fourth position in the Top 10 of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona

 Jardin Botanico

 Jardines De Joan Brossa

Fundacion Miro; a centre for the study and dissemination of Joan Miró’s work and contemporary art

Castillo De Montjuic; form here, you have the most spectacular view in town, you have to reach the top

So now that you are AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD, you can choose to make your way back on the cable card or walking down and keeping exploring de never ending magic and beauty of Montjuit.




Summer in Barcelona

Summer in Barcelona is something it has to be experience.

From June to September, Barceloneta becomes A MUST  for everyone, locals and tourists, I am deeply in love with Barceloneta and the beach is fabulous.

For me the best part of the beach is the one between W Hotel and Club Natacio Athletic Barceloneta, which by the way, for 10 € you can buy a day pass and spend the day between the beach and their huge pools and terrace.

Even if you go to the very last end of the beach, by the rocks, you will not believe how clean the water is.

Around this area, you can practice paddle surf or surf pilates, this new water activity which has became very popular in the last few years, as well as many others beach sports.

In Barceloneta, be aware as not all places are good, in fact some are horrible, the places I’ve chosen in this quirky and charming neighborhood of Barcelona are…

On the way to the beach or on your way back, there is mandatory have an ice cream at Vioko


JUANITA LALA, Plaza de pau vila

Just before starting Paseo de Borbon, very good for a pica pica (a number of different dishes to share among all) and tapas.

ONE OCEAN CLUB, Moll de la Barceloneta 1

super exclusive place with a traditional Catalan cuisine restaurant and an impressive cocktail bar. It is the favorite of the owners of yachts, although it is not a high price, you have all the information on its website, treat yourself!!!


One of my favorites brands, so tasteful!!!! Everything is outstanding here, place itself, deco, staff… you can do a brunch, grab a sandwich, a coffee, a cake, and everything is amazing and very welcoming place

summer barcelona-brunch by the sea-lovingbcnblog


This is the place where I always eat paella in Barceloneta


One of the sites most fashionable in recent years, basically hamburgers, usually always tail, and I, I usually go more to this right next door, Colombo Bar BCN

COLOMBO BCN BAR (next to Makamaka)

I just love this place, it is easier to find a table than Makamaka, basically nice burgers and excellent cocktails and the staff is very friendly, so if there is a long waiting in Makamaka, move here!

summer barcelona-barceloneta-lovingbcnblog



These three places are at the end of the beach, just below Hotel W.

There are three great and very similar options, beach bars with exquisite decor and a menu of rice and salads that never disappoints, its sea views make a wonderful place for a romantic dinner or afternoon with cocktails & friends.


Here you got the famous chiringuitos, you will find in this order on the beach, right in the sand, they are just lovely and charm places where you can have from lunch, breakfast, drinks, fresh juices … and everything is a good choice, FYI…. in winter they all disappear, so, it is now or never!

SURF HOUSE BARCELONA, almirall Aixada 22

Another place very fashionable among young people with a nice cocktail menu, bagels, salads … very Mediterranean, the terrace is “Super Bonita” and is always very lively.

 SANTA MARTA Grau and torras 59

A real classic in Barceloneta, I love their pizza, calzones and other Italian dishes, those who live in Barcelona are faithful to Santa Marta all year long

SAL CAFE, Boardwalk barceloneta

Another beach bar frequented by locals, with a great international menu and a terrace with spectacular views.

Best brunch on Sundays @Barcelo Raval 

If you are looking for a Sunday brunch in Barcelona, acording to one of the most influencers bloggers in Barcelona, @Sandrapavon, Hotel Barcelo Raval is the one.

Every sunday from Noon to 4pm, for Only 25€!!

Rambla del Raval 17-21, Barcelona.

Primavera Sound 2016 is here!

        Urban music festival held in Barcelona since 2001 and is characterized by an artistic line marked by the pop, rock and the most underground trends in dance music.


         The best music festival in the world, according to Time Out International, Primavera Sound was born in 2001 as a day of concerts and DJ sessions with a slant toward alternative pop-rock and electronica. Fifteen years later the festival is a massive eclectic event, where there’s also room for hip hop and world music, and which officially lasts for three days, but with all the music organised in parks and clubs as well, it actually lasts about a week, and brings together more than 200 artists and groups

         Primavera starts today with a FREE CONCERT!!!

        and continues till Sunday, check  Primavera Sound Web   for all details, and DO NOT MISS, Primavera @ RAVAL, for more FREE concerts during day time the whole weekend.

        For and alternative plan, @ nite you can visit, La terrrazza, @ pueblo español, with  an amazing program Friday & Saturday night, for guest list, click here.

                                                                       and whatever you do….


A day trip to SITGES!


    Sitges Barcelona , is a lovely option for a day trip if you are in Barcelona for more than 3-4 days, to explore our life style in a small town outside the city.

     One of the easiest one is Sitges, a lovely and charm small town by the coast, only 25 minutes from BCN by train, I also recommend a quick scape to Sitges if you get a rainy day in BCN, as the weather in Sitges is usually very good.

     The best way to get there is by train, buy a return ticket which is around 10€, from Sants station or Paseo de Gracia/ Gran Vía, trains departure every 5-10 minutes so just get there and take the first one.

     Once you get to Sitges Barcelona, look for Hotel Avenida Sofía, which, by the way, as one of the most beautiful spa I’ve ever been. There is a restaurant here called Pic Nic it could be your first stop, have a drink and tapas and keep your walk along the beach, you Will find a legendary place named Chiringuito, the first chiringuito in our story, this will be my option for just a drink.

     If you want to sunbathe or have a swim walk till you get to La Playa del Balmins, for me THE BEST BEACH, as the others are usually too busy. There is a beautiful Chiringuito around, La Caleta de Sitges,  fancy another drink??? Go ahead, you are safe on the perfect spot for a  SIESTA zzzzzzz

Sitges Barcelona- playa sitges -lovingbcnblog

     For your sightseeing, you could start by Iglesia de San Bartolomé , from here, just get lost, find your way in and out, take a picture @ the mirador…. Find la Plaza Del Por Verde, and look for the gorgeous mansions that Sitges offers, you will love it.

     If you want to eat PAELLA, the best One is @ Los Vikingos, in calle del pecado, and There is another place called, Can Xavi, I particularly like this place, cos I find very attractive to eat outside, under the pine trees, and it is actually very central.

     There is Also a nice Beach Club, for a cocktail, drinks… El Vivero, another MUST, even if it`s just a coffee, go ahead, take a sit on enjoy the beautiful sea view, but as I always say…. walk, walk and walk till you find your perfect spot.

      For the way back, same train station will bring you back to my loving Barcelona. If you go there and find some special place and want to share it with us, PLEASE DO IT ABOVE!

                                                                       ENJOY FEEL & LOVE SITGES BARCELONA


Wellcome by Vermut Solidario for ACCEM

           VERMUT SOLIDARIO is a series of events that blend moments of leisure and solidarity , with an avant-garde , multicultural and creative scene.It is absolutely the best plan for this sunday, i went to vermut solidario a few months ago and we had a blast, just LOOOOVE IT!!!     … Leer másWellcome by Vermut Solidario for ACCEM

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