Best Sunday Brunch

Best Sunday Brunch

  The best Sunday brunch in Barcelona is defiantly @ W Hotel, even though their #thisisnotasundaybruch, which i love it, but no matter how they call ir, it is definitely the best plan for a fabulous Sunday.


Retox Sundays are weekly parties that combine  a creative and relaxed culinary proposal with electronic music.


10 reasons to be @ Retox Sundays @ W

1.- W Hotel 

Retox it takes place at WAVE restaurant and the W Lounge If you don’t know this stunning hotel, is just a reason to be there, its magnificent salons, pool area… are nothing like you have seen in Barcelona, believe me.

2.-To avoid sunday nightmare hangover,  from a nasty long saturday night.

Plan ahead your retox sunday, have an early night and enjoy a fabulous sunday at this remarkable venue, with your beloved and forget this boring Sundays in front of the TV, this is a real and glamour plan!

3.-View from pool area

I particularly love the views from W, you can see the whole bcn beach from a perfect distance. Every hour has a magical light at W, wait till you see The 2 towers ahead turning gold… it is breathtaking best sunday brunch- w pool -lovinbcnblog


The amazing buffet opens at 14h and closes at 17h.The variety and presentation of food is just something it has be experience, small tastefully portions of healthy bites hot & colds in the most amazing colourful set up you have ever seen. nutritious and healthy items, such as avocado on toast, Ceviche, guacamole  and acai bowls 

5.-W staff

Since you walking @ W you get a remarkable treat from all W staff, hostess, bar staff, PR… making you feel like a real VIP GUEST.


No much to say here, it is about drinking it, i do recommend Strawberry Mojito though

best sunday brunch- retox-lovinbcnblog


7.-Dj on the house

 There is a fabulous DJ all day long and as the day goes by, plays for the party crowd till 23;00 best sunday brunch-w hotel -lovinbcnblog


I don´t know about you, but i do love sweets and the first thing that catch my attention was an  unbelievable  dessert & sweets table by the dj area with the richest and cutest sweets i’ve ever seen, i wanted to eat then all… which it was impossible, of course, but as there are the cutest small portions,I managed to  try out lots of then 


There were really nice people all over the place, everyone was really enjoying the event and I strongly recommend to go  smart casual with a great look, as you will be taken lots photos, the venue just invited you to do so!

best sunday brunch- retox -lovinbcnblog



10.-#this is not a sunday brunch

And as last but not less reason, here comes our Social Media Life. We all love our social media, and this is the perfect place to take amazing selfies, photos… and putting on your social to get lots likes and make your friends kindly jealous…



W Living Room, and enjoy a variety of healthy bites, fresh juices and guilty pleasures.

         From: 2pm – 4pm   Price: 35€* per person   SIGN UP >

After-Brunch Party (no food included)

         From: 4pm – 8pm    Price: Complimentary Access GET ON THE LIST >  RESERVE A VIP TABLE >

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