Best new restaurants Barcelona @Paseo San Juan

Best new restaurants Barcelona @Paseo San Juan

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In the last months or maybe the last year, Paseo de San Juan, a beautiful avenue that goes from Arco del Triunfo to Diagonal, has become a fashionable place for those who live in Barcelona, and we love good cuisine and places with charm and  soul,  to hang out with our friends.

Continually  they are opening new restaurants, bars, becoming A MUST if you visit Barcelona, ​​in general, is not an area crowded by tourists, if not by those who live here.

I recommend you to take it all to admire the wonderful buildings of this magnificent walk and stop in the place that you like the most or maybe try a couple of then.

These are the places that I have chosen,  for me are definitely the best ones, starting at the corner of Diagonal with Paseo San Juan;


1.-Granja Petitbo

#Paseo San Juan 82   Singular and welcoming place with  excellent food. Eggs Benedict and  Carrot Cake are amazing, one of the best I’ve had in BCN! The smoothies are exquisite too ,and the staff is very attentive and friendly, so if you did not have it clear, you already have it, go !.


#Paseo san Juan 80  “Limoná” is the bakery area, where you can have breakfast, or snack on some of its rich sweets, “Chicha” is the food area. It stands out for having the highest quality product, I think this is its key to success. Natural juices coldpress of generous size, super-organic import drinks, delicious yogurts de’n Pauet.Great place for brunch with a really, really good COFFEE!

3.-El Viti Taberna

#Paseo san Juan 63  The place itself is gorgeous, like the old Spanish taverns, they always give me a spectacular service, let yourself be advised by them who know what they are talking about. What they are defined by it is  their products of the area of ​​Castilla y Leon area. A really proper place if you want to know True Spanish cuisine. The patatas bravas are spectacular, any potatoes dish is amazing

4.-Timesburg Sant Joan

#Paseo san Juan 47  A new modern and casual style restaurant,  where hamburger lovers can sample an extensive menu of gourmet burgers.

5.-Secrets del Mediterrani

#Paseo San Juan 28   I just love this place, a friendly and homely  vermuteria with a great variety of tapas, from a surprising smoked tuna, some goat’s cheese tortillas, cockles and spanish cold meat , and wines. It goes almost unnoticed since its door is small, so look for it carefully. The concept gourmet store with backroom restaurant is something I really like, as you can buy some nice and quality products to take home.The service is magnifies and  staff is absolutely amazing, you can see they love working there, and this is hard to find sometimes.


#Paseo San Juan 23  Another lovely and  recently opened place.The terrace, main bar and top floor are very cozy, they have taken care of the decoration to the last detail, the wall with the bug is super cool ! Their specialty is brunch, specially the magically cooked eggs, their  tiramisu is just  wonderful sin, just to eat it, is an excellent excuse to give then a visit, If you eat somewhere else, visit Firebug for a coffee and tiramisu, you will love it!!

Sweet Paseo San Juan


La Glace Ice Cream

#Paseo de San Juan 5   The  smallest and cutest ice cream shop I´ve ever seen, with exquisite flavors 100% natural.It is mandatory to stop  if you love ice cream as I do or just a Crep or Gofree that will not leave you indifferent.

Giulietta Cafe

#Plaza de Tetuan 4 Every time i pass by this cozy and homely place, i feel like getting in, I can not help it.Their aim is to bring you the best local products (KM-0). elaborated in a sustainable way, bought directly from the producer . They are small producers, family businesses , that spoil their products to the greatest.  Homemade sweet and savory recipes are made every morning by their magnificent pastry chef.

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