This is my own Barcelona BEST TO DO LIST  , from a local point of view, avoiding the touristic sites as much as i can.After 8 years living in Barcelona, I still love to get lost in the city and it is amazing how you discover new places, that you have not even hear about it and make you love this wonderful city even more. .

      These are some of the places I love, and you must try to visit, some of them might sound very for tourist, but somehow, once we let ourselves to get lost in town we are all tourist, and we??

      Like the whole blog, is a very personal point of view, I hope you love it as I do!!

Barcelona Best To Do List

1.- SAGRADA FAMILIA, I know this is the main monument, but I highly recommend to go inside, it is amazing, you do not want to miss that, and do not forget to buy the ticket on line!!
Next to Sagrada Familia is Sant Pau, most of the visitors doesn´t even know about this place, and when they go, they always thank me for the tip….

2.-SANT PAU, the largest Modernist Campus in Europe, is one of the most important works of architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Sant Pau visit is to enter the fullness of modernism and history of one of the oldest hospitals in Europe.
Many tourist miss this amazing space of modern Catalan architecture and it will defiantly TAKE YOUR BREATHE AWAY
How to get there; Sant pau Maria claret 167 ( metro san pau /dos de maig Linea 5)

Barcelona best to do- sant pau -lovingbcnblog

3.-EL BORN, my favorite neighborhood, this is the place where you just want to get lost, there are so many places to eat, have a drink, cake, ice-cream, the best ice cream shop,Gocce di late,  is here, at the beautiful Plaza de Palau. On the main menu you will find a list of my favorite restaurants and bars.

To mention some stress, calle flassaders, it goes from calle princesa to Paseo del Born, make a stop for a drink and nice tapas at La Bascula or Mercat Princesa, you´ll love it! In Calle Montcada, you will find Tapeo, La puntual, great places to eat real Spanish food.

Look for Calle Carders, in find on the way there el Convento de San Agustin, there is a nice bar inside to hace a coffe and a rest, or Casa Joanet to eat, an old and typical bcn homemade food restaurant or La mundial if you look for seafood.Following up Carders, you will find a nice square with many restaurants and bars with a terrace, Alsur is my favorite, and a bit further up, a gorgeaous tipial Spanish restaurant with a beautiful patio called La Bona Sort.

Walk around Mercado del borne, get inside, the choices of restaurants, bars around the mercado is huge, try to get a table outside on the sun, there are outside tables all year long…

Bananas, Bormuth, La paradeta, Ikibana and if you want to try the famous churros con chocolate, La xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer, is the place for you.
Do not forget to get inside Santa Maria Del Mar, the church, if you go on the weekend, there is always a weeding, so say congratulations to the bride!

In the same Area you have the famous Palau de la Musica if you have the change buy a ticket to see a show, whatever, but the experience of a concert at Palau de la Musica is  unique.

Barcelona best to do-palau de la musicsa -lovingbcnblog

4.-GOTHIC QUARTER (Barrio Gotico)

PLAZA DEL PI, at the Gothic Quarter, find out your way there, take a sit in one of the terrace and find your way out…. time to explore again!

PLAZA DEL REY, by Gothic quarter, look for it, easy to find and many beautiful ways to get there.

PLAZA DE SAN FELIPE NERI,This is probably my N1 and not easy to find, give it a go… behind the cathedral, look for Plaza de Garriga y Bachs, take a small street named Montjuic del Bisbe and you will get to a magic small square that not many people know,  but when the get, there, they just love it, Hotel Neri will be an easy tip to get there, in summer time they have a terrace, have a coffee, and enjoy the silence.

5-SUNDAY BRUNCH, there are many places in Barcelona for brunch everyday, Paseo San Juan will be my choice for a great brunch in amazing places every day, but if you are looking for a something special, diferent and abosolutly stunning, choose for a Retox @ W Hotel or Barcelo Sunday Brunch.

6. -BARRIO DE GRACIA, it really amazes me how most of the tourist who visit Bcn do no visit Gracia, the easiest and one of the most famous neighborhood in town.
I could write for days, so better explore by yourself and love it.
To get there, just go to the end of Paseo de Gracia, keep walking till you get to a tube station called Fontana, all this walk is absolutely beautiful, look up to the gorgeous buildings and once you get to the tube station (you can also get there by metro, but I do recommend to walk) take calle Asturias, and time for me to shut up and for you to explore, just look for, calle Verdi, and their famous and charming plazas, Plaza del diamante, Plaza del sol and plaza de la virreina.

7.-DIAGONAL ,   a beautiful walk on the most elegant Barcelona Avenue. It  is the main artery of Barcelona, which divides the city into two areas, clearly differences, above, where are the areas of more wealthy people, luxury houses in Av. Pearson,  Bonanova, although it is also  above, the singular neighborhood of Gracia. Below  Diagonal it is Eixample, andCiutat vella, the part of the city that we know best.

8.-LOS ENCANTES MARQUET, it´s different street Marquette where you can discover the new Barcelona, to get there just take the red line and get off in Glorias, lots things to explore here.

9.-CALLE ENRIQUE GRANADOS  just behind Plaza Universidad, it is a very typical Eixample street, with many amazing places to eat, have a drink… you need to look up all the time to see the beauty of those buildings, I do recommend here, Cafe cosmo, restaurant Flamant, Taverna Japonesa Miu Miu and Cup & cake.

10.-BUNKER DEL CARMELO, it is located at the top of Rovira in the Carmel barrio and it  is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with your friends or your couple. And yeah – the bunker is more than just a nickname – the place is a remains of an old air raid civil war bunker. It was built in 1937 and has been renovated in the past few years. Renovated in sense that it’s clean and safer than before, the sight still has its own unique vibe. Moreover, there are tons of graffiti improving the ambient atmosphere. The closest metro stop is Alfons X (L4, yellow) and from then on you can either walk or take a bus for two stops.

Barcelona best to do- bunker del carmelo -lovingbcnblog

11.- MERCADO DE LAS FLORES Y TEATRO GREC,  if you visit Montjuit, as you leave, look for this open theatre which is located in a charming and beautiful park, I particularly love this spot to just have a walk and relax, check out the program for Mercado de las flores, as this 2 cultural centers offers a magnificent show, like contemporary dance, exhibitions…

12.MNAC, Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña, it is a great museum with wonderful exhibitions, but if you do not have the time, at least get your way up there to get an amazing view of the city you are certainly falling in love.
Very easy to get there, go to Plaza de España, and you will see it from there.

montjuit-museo nacional de cataluña-lovingbcnblog

13.-MONTJUIC, if you are a fan of nature, you can spend a whole day here…
Go to the main menu/ Where to have a walk/MOntjuit…. there is a good plan there to visit us enchant mountain.

14.-TIBIDABO, well, if you are one of those nostalgic, romantic and a fairground fan, do not miss it, I Particularly find a very charming and different place to make your holidays specials.
Located at the top of Collserola mountain, Tibidabo Barcelona is home to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the magical “TEMPLE DE SAGRAT COR”. Dating back to 1900, work began on the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the “Blue Tram” and “Funicular Railway”. Barcelona Tibidabo officially opened on the 29th of October 1901, the “Blue Tram” was considered to be a highly modern and innovative transport method and ended up being one of the main attractions.
To get to Tibidabo Barcelona and the Temple de Sagra Cor church, jump on the Ferrocarril train on L7 at Plaza Catalunya and head to station Av Tibidado. Remember, this is NOT THE METRO SYSTEM.

15.-MACBA & CCCB, modern art museums, at the heart of old Raval, you will find this modern building with a lots bars with terrace, skaters… very particular, as you do not expect a building like, especially the area is so alive.

17.-PASEO DE COLON, this is probably my favorite walk, as I used to live in Raval and my gym was at Barceloneta, as I had to pass by everyday this breathtaking Paseo, from the end of ramblas to Barceloneta, on one side you have the port and at the other, the most beautiful hotels, buildings… facing the sea, please take attention to every detail in this walk, cos once finish, you can keep walking till Barceloneta, and end up at the terrace of W hotel, but the one on the sand…. look out for the view…. and enjoy it, relax and love it.

18.-EL MUNDO EN CADA BESO;  in my best to do list in Barcelona, this wonderful work in Paza Isidre Nonell, in Ciutat Vella, by the  photographer Joan Fontcuberta, is last but no less.Do not leave town without a photo at this amazing mosaic, spend a few minutes looking at every detail, it toke my breath away the first time i saw it and i hope you love it as i do. 

Barcelona best to do-el mundo en cada beso -lovingbcnblog


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