Barcelona Best Tapas

Barcelona Best Tapas

            To find the best tapas in Barcelona is our mission today.My dearest followers and future ones, today I am finally writing about TAPAS!

          The first thing you ask when you get to Spain is where to eat tapas and sangría, usually an over price drink by the way, more than 15€/liter I think is a rip off, so here is the easiest and better way to try this big Spanish icon “LA TAPA”.

          Just to go to “el paralelo” (green line), by Poble sec area, and look for “calle Blai” ,very easy to find. There are many bars who offers tapas here, particularly and mainly, a tapa named; PINCHO (originally from the Vasc Country), which is absolutely amazing in creativity, fusion, taste…

        Thursdays is the most popular day for the special deals they offer, like tapas for 1€, but any day is good. Starting from the beginning to the end of the street just walk in in the ones you fancy, there are no rules, having a beer and a Tapa in each one, is the only one, usually went you get to the last bar, you can be a bit trash…. which it make it even a more interesting live experience of this ancients Spanish tradition, SO IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!. I,ve done it soooooo many times, and every time is a whole new experience, so I know what I am talking about , it is quite a local thing to do, and you turist just loooove local stuff, dn´t you?

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     Barcelona Best Tapas Bars @ Calle Blai

If I have to do a list with my best ones , as a tapas expert, you could follow it, in order from the beginning of calle blai till the end… but feel free to explore then and make your own list.


Bodega Salto

          Good luck!

          and if you find the one you love, share it with us!

             *Another great area for Tapas will be El born, specially Calle Moncada y Flassagers, Tapeo, Bornmuth, Bodega la puntual, La bona Sort & Tantarantana

                                                                                                    ENJOY,  EAT & DRINK IT…

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