Walking to Montjuic

               Montjuic is another easy and interesting walk, it can take you as much time as you wish. Starting at Plaza De España, our first stop I is “Centro Comercial Las Arenas , and old bullfighting court, which fortunately is now forbidden in Cataluña, sadly bullfighting is still happening in the rest of the country, but we are fighting to end it. I  highly recommend to go to the giant roof, and have breakfast with a gorgeous view, go all around and take some pictures, look for Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, Torres Mapfre… let´s play!!!

                Afterward, right in front of you, you will see the beautiful Paseo De María Cristina, walk till the end and start climbing to the top!! Do not panic!! There are escalators to the very top. Now you have reached the magnificent MNAC (Museo nacional de arte de Cataluña), if you are an Art & History Lover, take a few hours to visit it , they have great exhibitions and the building itself it makes worth it to get in.

                 From here, like YOUR DEAR BLOGGER TOUR GUIDE, I´ll give you free time!  As much as you want, the mountain is huge and there are many places to see;



Fuente Magica De Montjuic; better to visit late on the day as there is a    show with music and lights.


Fuente Magica De Montjuic; better to visit late on the day as there is a    show with music and lights.


Mercado De Las Flores; a charming place that brings together different uniques and singular buildings where theater , dance and other performing arts are represented , review its program.

Jardines de Joan Maragal & Jardines de Claribel, where you will find the beautiful 

Teatra Grec ,check out in July GREC FESTIVAL de Barcelona, you do not wanna miss it) and the    gorgeous restaurant La Fuente Del Gato


montjuit- jardines montjuit-lovingbcnblog
montjuit-estadio olimpico -lovingbcnblog

Estadio Olimpico Lluis Companys ;  Barcelona Olímpic Games 1992



montjuit- jardines montjuit -lovingbcnblog


Palacete Albeniz; It was built in 1928 and is neoclassical inspiration , now is the residence of the kings of Spain when they visit Barcelona


Pueblo Español; conceived as a real village, is a selection of full-scale replicas of buildings from different parts of the Peninsula. It is in fourth position in the Top 10 of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona



 Jardin Botanico

 Jardines De Joan Brossa

Barcelona best to do- pueblo español -lovingbcnblog
montjuit-pueblo español -lovingbcnblog

Fundacion Miro; a centre for the study and dissemination of Joan Miró’s work and contemporary art


montjuit-entrada pueblo español -lovingbcnblog


Castillo De Montjuic; form here, you have the most spectacular view in town, you have to reach the top


montjuit-museo nacional de cataluña-lovingbcnblog

So now that you are AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD, you can choose to make your way back on the cable card or walking down and keeping exploring de never ending magic and beauty of Montjuit.



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