Walking Tour El Born

       El Born Barcelona, the most beautiful & cozy neighborhood of Barcelona.From Plaza Cataluña, take ramblas towardsthe sea, make an stop at Mercado de la Boqueria and have a fresh squeazze juice, the ones at the back cheaper,  just a tip.

          When you get to Calle Ferran  on the left, take it, a stop a cafe schilling for a coffe can be a nice break, follow to the council till you get to Plaza Sant Jaume, there is a beautiful and charm  old candle shop right here “Subira Cereria”, at Baixada de la Libreteria, get inside and have a look!!!

          From here, take Calle Argenteria  and you will be in one of my favorites areas, EL BORN, now it is time to get lost, discover the area, walk through… and maybe have lunch at Banana, Fig bish, Ikibana, Bormuth 

        To mention some stress, calle flassaders, it goes from calle princesa to Paseo del Born, make a stop for a drink and nice tapas at La Bascula or Mercat Princesa, you´ll love it! In Calle Montcada, you will find Tapeo, La puntual, great places to eat real Spanish food.

       Look for Calle Carders, have a look   on the way there el Convento de San Agustin, there is a nice bar inside to hace a coffe and a rest, or Casa Joanet to eat,one of those bars which as always been there an old and tipical bcn homemade food restaurant or La mundial if you look for seafood. Following up Carders, you will find a nice square with many restaurants and bars with a terrace, Al sur cafeis my favorite, and a bit futher up, a gorgeaous tipial Spanish restaurant with a beautiful patio called La Bona Sort.

      Walk around Mercado del borne, get inside, the choices of restaurants, bars around the mercado is huge, try to get a table outside on the sun, there are outside tables all year long… Bananas, Bormuth, La paradeta, Ikibana and if you want to try the famous churros con chocolate, La xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer, is the place for you.

     Do not forget to get inside Santa Maria Del Mar, the church, if you go on the weekend, there is always a weeding, so say congratulations to the bride!

     In the same Area you have the famous Palau de la Musica if you have the change buy a ticket to see a show, whatever, but the experience of a concert at Palau de la Musica is  unique.