Barcelona tourist guide

This Barcelona tourist guide, is the perfect one for a city Break in Barcelona. You will easily find the best local places to get into the city vibe from day 1.It is a walk to my favorites places, one way to know & enjoy the city, as a local,to LIVE & LOVE BARCELONA.I want you to visit Barcelona as if you were LIVING  here.


A journey to this spectacular city I fell in love with 11 years ago, when I moved to BCN, after traveling the world, and making one of my dreams come true, to live in the city I LOVE. I´ve used my 5  senses to built this site,  where You will only see in this blog places that I  really LOVE for food, drinks, dance, together with my, I do not  write o recomend places where I Haven´t been.


The photos on this blogs are mainly mine, follow me on Instagram to see them all. I am constantly updating it as every day I found a new remarkable corner or a charming street that takes my breathe away.


I hope you enjoy & love the city as much as I do, just go throught  the blog, and find your own way to FEEL the amazing vibes of this unique city                                 


 “If you like it, and find it usefull, let me know, or if you missing something, let me know too, I´ll get it.

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Mario Rivero

Instagram @lovingbcnblog