This Barcelona tourist guide, is for all travelers who want to spend a few days in the city and they can not  waste time looking for great places to eat, to visit, to do…

It is a walk to my favorites places, one way to know & enjoy the city as a local, to LIVE & LOVE BARCELONA

       A journey to this spectacular city I felt in love with 8 years ago, when I moved to BCN, after travelling the  world, and  making one of my dreams come true, to live in the city I LOVE.

         I want you to visit Barcelona as if you were LIVING  here, to end up LOVING it. I use  my 5  senses to create this site,  and You will only see on this blog places that I  LOVE and I go on my daily basis.

      The photos on this blogs are mainly mine, follow me on Instagram to see then all. I am constantly updating it as every day I found a new  remarkable corner or a charming street to share with you.  

          I hope you enjoy & love the  city as much as I do, holding my hand through my blog, so let yourself go and FEEL the amazing vibes of this unique city.

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